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Patient Care Technician vs. Medical Assisting

How Being a Patient Care Technician is Different from Medical Assisting 

patient care technician and medical assistants

If you’re looking for a career in health care, and you want to get into that new position as soon as possible, a diploma from patient care technician schools like Florida Technical College may be just what you need.

In reading about your health care career options you may be confused to see that there are programs and job descriptions for both patient care technicians and medical assistants. What’s the difference? Both of these are exciting careers you can get into with the hands-on training of a diploma program, but the day-to-day work and responsibilities are very different.

Patient Care Technicians Work Directly with Patients

The job duties of a medical assistant are diverse. They work with patients; they may do lab work; they also do office work and man the phones and patient records. Patient care technicians, on the other hand, only work side by side with nurses and doctors to directly care for patients. They may do some medical assisting work like inserting catheters or taking vital signs, but they are mostly responsible for just helping patients feel comfortable, making sure they can eat and helping them stay clean and take care of hygiene.

Patient Care Technicians Do Not Do Administrative Work 

The work of a patient care technician is always with the patients, unlike a medical assistant who may be expected to do filing, update patient records, and do other office duties. Patient care technician schools do not focus on these kinds of office skills because the work of a patient care tech is all about patients and their immediate needs, not the administrative needs of the office.


Educational Requirements May Be Less for a Patient Care Technician

While patient care technician schools like FTC offer diploma programs for both types of health care workers, many employees require more education and training for medical assistants. Regardless of which career path you choose, getting hands-on training is crucial to being able to do the job well and take care of patients.

Every Day as a Patient Care Technician is Different

As a patient care technician, your main responsibility is to care for your patients. This means that on any given day your duties depend on what they need. One day may involve helping a new patient get situated and adjusted to a long stay, while the next you may be helping to transport your patients to physical therapy and making sure their rooms are clean for their return.

Both of these health careers are rewarding and interesting, but only patient care is totally focused on the needs of patients. If you want to be directly involved, every day, in making people feel better, this could be the career of your dreams. To get ready to find the right position, check out patient care technician schools like FTC. Contact us today to find out more about the diploma program that will give you the skills and credentials you need to land your first health care job.




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