Quantcast What it Means to Be a Patient Care Technician | Part 2
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What it Means to Be a Patient Care Technician, Part 2

What it Means to Be a Patient Care Technician: Working toward a Better Lifestyle

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In Part 1 of this series on what it means to be a patient care technician, we showed you just how meaningful this health care career can be. What you also get as a patient care technician is a better lifestyle and the chance to have a real balance between your work and your personal life. If you’re ready to find that balance and enjoy life more, find out how a career in patient care can get you there:

  • Choose your working hours. 

    In your current job you probably have little control over when you work. With a career as a patient care technician you can expect to have more flexibility. Careers in patient care are growing all the time, faster than average, which means that you have choices. You can choose from a job with night shifts, a nine-to-five schedule, or evenings and weekends. The most important thing is that you finally have the options so you can create a work schedule that is right for you.

  • Work part time or full time.

    Among all of your choices for working in patient care is the option to work part time or full time. If you want to take some time off to pursue other interests, but still need to earn money, a part time career in patient care could work for you. Because trained workers in this field are so in demand, you have the flexibility to choose how you work and how much free time you get.

  • Earn a better income.

    When you get out of your dead-end, minimum-wage job and start working in patient care, you will be earning more money. With more income comes greater freedom. Imagine being able to pay off debt, take your family on a vacation, or even just not worrying about money all the time.

  • Spend more time with family.

    In your current job you probably don’t have the flexibility to choose your own work hours or you may even be pressured to work over time. Quality time with family naturally suffers. With a career as a patient care technician, getting more time to spend with your family is easy. Be there when the kids leave for school or when they get home. Be there to take them to the park in the evenings or to go on weekend trips.

  • Train as a patient care technician on your schedule.

    Training through our patient care technician program is achievable for anyone. We have flexible class schedules that allow you to train and learn while still taking care of your family and holding down a job. We also offer financial aid assistance, so you can make your dream a reality.

Becoming a patient care technician means you can have a better life. You can take back control of how and when you work. You can spend more time with family. And, you can earn more money and get the freedom that comes with a better income. Get started today and find out more about FTC’s Patient Care Technician Program.




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