Quantcast What it Means to Be a Patient Care Technician | Part 1
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What it Means to Be a Patient Care Technician, Part 1

What it Means to Be a Patient Care Technician:

A Meaningful Career

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Did you know that you can train to be a patient care technician in less than two years? Through Florida Technical College and the Patient Care Technician Diploma Program you can take the coursework and get the hands-on experiences you need to be a nursing assistant, a phlebotomist, a health technician, or even a home health aide.

Maybe you’re not really sure what it means to be a patient care technician, but if you are interested in a new career, you enjoy working with people, and you want more than just a job, it’s time to learn more. Find out how being a patient care technician means enjoying a career with meaning:

  • Work with people every day.

    A lot of modern jobs require you to sit in front of a computer or stand in a factory-line setting and just churn out work. It’s only natural to connect with other people, but in these kinds of jobs you lose that connection. In patient-focused careers, the opposite is true. You actually get to connect with, talk to, and work with people every single day. Loneliness in your work will be a thing of the past.

  • Help people feel better.

    As opposed to some other medical careers, like medical assisting or billing, a career in patient care is truly focused on the patients and helping them to feel better. Your work as a patient care technician will include helping patients do all the little things that make them feel more comfortable, like bathing, walking, and eating.

  • Be important to other people.

    Healthy people take these small things for granted, but for those who are ill or disabled, having someone to help and comfort them is important. Your daily duties to your patients will make you a hero in their eyes, someone on whom they will rely and enjoy seeing day after day.

  • Develop relationships.

    Most patient care technicians work in hospitals, assisted-living facilities, and other long-term care facilities. This means that you get to work with patients over a long period of time and develop real and meaningful relationships with them. These aren’t just numbered patients coming in and out each day. They are real people and you will have the chance to get to know them on a deeper level.

  • Finally have more than just a job.

    If you’re tired of having just a job, somewhere to punch the clock and earn a basic living, then working as a patient care technician is a great opportunity. Working in health care gives you the chance to have a meaningful career, but also to advance, to learn more, and to move into more lucrative and challenging positions.

If a meaningful career is important to you, find out more about FTC’s Patient Care Technician program. We can offer you the hands-on training you need to get your foot in the door. And look for Part 2 in this series to find out how working as a patient care technician will help you achieve the kind of lifestyle you always dreamed of having.



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