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Breaking Stereotypes in the Beauty Industry

Posted on May 8th, 2017 by Florida Technical College

Nowadays, there aren’t many –if at all- careers which are exclusively for males or females. Gone are the days when some fields were reserved for one gender or the other. The field of cosmetology is one of those that has seen a gender transformation. What used to be viewed as a female-only zone, is now 16 percent male and growing, according to the American Association of Cosmetology Schools. That number is only expected to grow. Men enroll in cosmetology school for the same reasons women do: to gain skills, embark on a profitable career path and enjoy a flexible career.  […]

FTC Pembroke Pines Opens its Beauty Salon to the Community

Posted on May 3rd, 2017 by Florida Technical College

5/3/2017 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: María Isabel Sanquírico Eleven 11 Communications Mobile: 813-420-2922 FTC Pembroke Pines Opens its Beauty Salon to the Community The in-campus salon will give students the opportunity to learn and practice their skills while providing valuable services to the community. Pembroke Pines, FL – Florida Technical College, Pembroke Pines, open its beauty salon to the public to provide professional services at affordable prices for the benefit of the community. The occasion was marked with a reception, which was attended by students, city officials and business leaders. The salon is staffed by Cosmetology and Barbering diploma program […]

Changing AC Filters Regularly is Good for Your Health and Your Pocket

Posted on April 19th, 2017 by Florida Technical College

Indoor air, especially recirculated air, is full of contaminants. In fact, some experts say the indoor air could be more polluted than outdoor air. Respiratory irritants which can be found inside an enclosed area may include cat and dog hair, pollen, household chemicals like hair spray particles and dust among other things. An air filter is designed to keep this to a minimum. The frequency with which you need to change your air filter will depend on how sensitive your family members are to irritants. In general, vacation home or homes owned by a single occupant without pets or allergies […]