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Earn An Associate Degree in Medical Administrative Assistance

Medical Administrative Assistant Program The Medical Administrative Assistant Associate of Science Degree Program can prepare students for an entry-level position as a medical administrative assistant who handles the clerical side of healthcare. By becoming familiar with the basic skills and knowledge of the administrative and clerical functions, students will be able to assume many positions in doctors’ office, hospitals, medical offices and other healthcare facilities. The program is available locally at our Kissimmee and Lakeland campuses. Full-time students who take at least 12 credit hours per quarter can complete the program in 18-24 months. How The Program Is Set Up Comprised of 93 quarter credits, the program includes 30 credit hours of general education courses in Humanities, Social Sciences, English, Mathematics, and the Sciences, and 54 credit hours specific to the student’s career in medical administrative assistant work. All students also take nine credits of core courses to prepare them for college life.
  • FTC1000 Success Strategies                                                                                    4.5
  • FTC2000 Career Development                                                                                4.5
  What The Curriculum Includes To prepare graduates to work as medical administrative assistants, the curriculum includes basic courses in office procedures, accounting, medical terminology, and medical coding.
  • CAP1000 Introduction to Computer Operations                                                           4.5
  • ACG1000 Accounting I                                                                                                      6.0
  • ACG2000 Accounting II                                                                                                     4.5
  • BUS1000 Office/Management Fundamentals                                                                6.0
  • BUS2030 Business Management                                                                                     6.0
  • CAP1010 Word Processing Applications                                                                         4.5
  • CAP1030 Spreadsheet Fundamentals                                                                             4.5
  • MED2000 Medical Terminology and Anatomy I                                                             4.5
  • MED2010 Medical Terminology and Anatomy II                                                            4.5
  • MED2030 Office Simulation                                                                                              4.5
  • MED2040 Medical Coding                                                                                                 4.5
  What Can You Do With The Medical Administrative Assistant Associate of Science Degree? How does the Medical Administrative Assistant Associate of Science Degree prepare you for the job market? What types of jobs can you obtain with this degree? Common job titles that graduates assume include:
  • Medical Assistant
  • Medical Office Assistant
Graduates in medical assisting with the administrative specialization share the bright future for the profession with projected job growth of 29% by 2022, an increase of 162,900 jobs. Modern healthcare is paperwork intensive, so individual physicians, group practices, clinics, hospitals, and other facilities require support workers who can manage the administrative aspects of the job and properly handle the demands of insurance companies, government legislation and HIPAA compliance. Medical Administrative Assistants, who perform administrative tasks for physicians and other health practitioners, can expect a median salary of $29,370, about $14.12 per hour (starting salaries are less). When you pursue the Medical Administrative Assistant Associate of Science Degree Program at Florida Technical College, you can study at several conveniently located campuses. When you complete your program, our Career Assistance Services can help you find a great job in this growing field. For information about our programs, contact the campus nearest you:
  • Central Florida: (844) 402-3337
  • South Florida: (844) 332-3409
  • Online Programs: (844) 330-9909