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Earn A Medical Assistant Associate of Science Degree

Medical Assistant The Medical Assistant Associate of Science Degree program can prepare students for an entry-level position as a medical assistant with leadership responsibilities. By combining medical and general education courses, students will learn medical billing and coding for insurance, medical record maintenance and electronic transfer of prescriptions to pharmacies. This degree, in contrast to the Medical Administrative Assistant degree, has more of a clinical focus. This curriculum is available locally at the Deland, Kissimmee, Lakeland, Orlando, and Pembroke Pines campuses. Full-time students who take at least 12 credit hours per quarter can complete the program in 18-24 months. How The Program Is Set Up  Comprised of 92-quarter credits, the program includes 24 credit hours of general education courses in Humanities, Social Sciences, English, Mathematics and the Sciences, as well as 59 credit hours specific to the student’s career in medical assisting. All students also take 9 credits of core courses to prepare them for college life.
  • FTC1005 Success Search                                                                                        1.5
  • FTC1010 Success Seminar                                                                                     3.0
  • FTC2000 Career Development                                                                              4.5
  What The Curriculum Includes To familiarize students with the subject matter in healthcare, the curriculum offers coursework in basic physiology, pharmacology, and medical terminology.  
  • MBC1000 Administrative Office Procedures                                                             4.5
  • MBC1100 Principles of Health Information Resources                                            4.5
  • MED1000 Medical Terminology                                                                                  6.0
  • MED1010 Anatomy and Physiology I                                                                         4.5
  • MED1020 Anatomy and Physiology II                                                                        4.5
  • MED1040 Basic Clinical Procedures                                                                           4.5
  • MED2050 Lab Procedures                                                                                           4.5
  • MED2060 Principles of Pharmacology                                                                       6.0
  • MED2070 Cardiology                                                                                                    4.5
  • MED2085 Medical Ethics                                                                                              3.0
  • MED2095 Medical Law                                                                                                 3.0
  • MED2800 Certified Medical Assistant Exam Prep                                                     4.5
  • MED2999 Practicum (160 Hours)                                                                               5.0
  What Can You Do With A Medical Assistant Associate Of Science Degree? How does the Medical Assistant Associate of Science degree program prepare you for the job market? What types of jobs can you obtain with this degree? Common job titles that graduates assume include:
  • Medical Assistant
  • Medical Office Assistant
  • Clinical Assistant
Graduates in medical assisting face a particularly bright future with projected job growth of 29% by 2022, an increase of 162,900 jobs. The job growth is due to the rising demand of aging baby boomers for preventative medical services, as well as routine and critical care. Also, more group practices, clinics and other healthcare facilities require more support workers to handle administrative and clinical duties – the perfect niche for medical assistants. Also, new healthcare laws increase patient access to medical care, which increases the need for medical assistance. Medical Assistants, who perform clinical and administrative tasks for physicians and other health practitioners, can expect a median salary of $29,370, about $14.12 per hour. When you pursue a Medical Assistant Associate of Science Degree at Florida Technical College, you can study at several conveniently located campuses. Upon completion of the program, our Career Assistance Services can help you find a great job in this growing field.   For information about our programs, contact us at the campus nearest you:
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