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Hurricane Maria Scholarship

Florida Technical College is proud to have a large number of students, staff, and Alumni who have deep ties to Puerto Rico. We also have our corporate offices located in Puerto Rico and have sister schools there with approximately 20,000 active students. Therefore the Hurricane Maria tragedy has special significance for FTC. Our mission has always been to provide education and training that will enable graduates to obtain employment. The circumstances associated with Hurricane Maria have made this mission even more critical. FTC recognizes that many in Puerto Rico may be displaced to the United States and that this may have interrupted their pursuit of education in Puerto Rico, or accelerated a need for job skills that match up with opportunities in the United States. In order to assist those impacted FTC is proud to announce a Hurricane Maria Relief Scholarship. FTC will award up to a total of 25 of these scholarships at our Kissimmee campus between October and January. Qualified recipients will receive up to $8500 per student for bachelor degree programs, up to $3500 for associate degree programs, and up to $2,000 for diploma program, up to the amount of tuition and fees charged to the recipient. To qualify for the Hurricane Maria Relief Scholarship a student must meet all of the following criteria:
  • Proof of residency for Puerto Rico
  • Begin attending a diploma, associate, or bachelor degree program at FTC with a start date of October 2017 through January 2018
  • Submit an essay of at least 150 words detailing how they were impacted by Hurricane Maria and how education will improve their situation
  To maintain eligibility the student must:
  1. Maintain continuous enrollment
  2. Maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA


FTC will determine whether a student qualifies for the Hurricane Maria Relief Scholarship at the end of each academic year. A qualified student will receive the Hurricane Maria Relief Scholarship in the form of a retroactive disbursement not to exceed the amount of tuition and fees that was financed by debt and charged to the student for the applicable diploma, associate, or bachelor degree program, after first applying any other institutional scholarships, grants, or other awards to the student’s account. FTC will not issue refunds to a student as a result of receiving the Hurricane Maria Relief Scholarship. Rather, the Hurricane Maria Relief Scholarship will be proportionately reduced to avoid a resulting credit balance.


Applications for this scholarship are available at the Financial Aid Department. Completed applications must be submitted to the Financial Aid Department prior to the end of the first academic year. Awards will be based on applying and meeting all qualifying criteria.


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