1. Details Intructions - Student Account Access (Graphic Tutorial)
  2. Flyer - How to Know your Email/Student Account for Portal Access

How can you know what is your e-mail/Username Account? Here we show you how:

Now knowing your e-mail and password is easy. You only need:

  • Your first name and last name
  • Your last 4 digits of your student number
  • Your last 4 digits of your social security number

E-mail formula:
initial_first_name + your_first_last_name + last_4_digits_student_number + @stu.ftccollege.edu


Name:                                                                        John Doe
Last 4 digits of your student number:                       1010
E-mail:                                                                      jdoe1010@stu.ftccollege.edu

Password formula:
initial_first_name + initial_first_lastname + last_4_digits_social_security_number


Name:                                                                        John Doe
Last 4 digits of your social security number:            2020
Password:                                                                  jd2020

Now you can access your student portal. It's very easy!

  • Only visit http://www.ftccollege.edu and select Student Portal.
  • Once you access the website and use your e-mail and password for first time, the system will require you to change your password (it should be at least 6 characters).
  • Once this process is done, you have activated your account in the portal and you'll be ready to access and benefit from all the services it provide.
  • Also you may access CANVAS directly from the portal without entering your e-mail and password information again. This can be done through the link called Online Courses from the portal menu.

Remember, very important! In order to activate your e-mail account you should visit Mail Office 365: ( http://mail.office365.com ) and use your e-mail and new password information.

For Microsoft in Education including free toolsand aplications click here: http://www.microsoft.com/education/en-us/Pages/index.aspx