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Barbering in Broward

Posted on December 22nd, 2015 by Florida Technical College

A career in barbering is a lot more glamorous now than in past generations. The old leather chairs and surrounding mirrors are very much a thing of the past. Nowadays, barbershops are focused on providing customers with an experience. Barbershops are the place to go for the best haircuts, closest shaves and great conversations. Barber’s don’t have specific work hours. Working as a barber allows for you to be your own boss. Many experienced barbers with steady clientele have the opportunity to set their schedules around specific days or appointments. Barbering in Broward: The statistics Broward County’s cost of living in 2013 was above US average and only increasing steadily. Wages on the other hand have remained steady. As more people are forced to work a part time job, that usually restrict their weekends, taking time away from their family and children. According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, the U.S. demand for great barbers is expected to increase by 11% between 2012 and 2022. Seeing that this is the beginning of an upward trend in demand, this is the perfect time to enter the field of barbering. Most barbers rent a barber booth space in an established shop and freelance from there. Due to this flexibility, the salary is dependent on how much or how little the barber wants to work. A motivated barber can make a very nice living. With the field having a projected upward trend, those who enter the field can expect high job security. Moreover, barbers are not stuck in one place. They can rent one booth or they can rent various booths in different barbershops, allowing them to establish relationships in various locations while also providing even more flexibility. Barbering in Broward: Work environment Barbershops in general have a more relaxing work environment. Unlike a structured work environment with specific tasks, in a barbershop all within are renting booth space equating to equality. Moreover, the nature of barbering allows for people to develop friendships, connections and relationships with all sorts of people in the community. The opportunity to connect with so many people on a daily basis allows for further work and personal opportunities. Barbershops are located in any place where a person might need a haircut. In other words, a barber can find a barbershop anywhere. Barbers can work in Jails or Prisons, as both state and federal facilities need barbers on staff. Barbers working in correctional facilities win a salary wage. For example it was great controversy when a barber working in a correctional facility in Illinois reported a salary of $73,000 per year. Hospitals and Nursing homes employ on-site barbers to help those patients that are staying for an extended period of time. Most luxury hotels, spas and resorts in the Broward area have barbers for their guests, as well as many cruise ships. A barber must be someone educated, trained and licensed. Barbers are experts in classic cuts such as fades, high and tights, crew cuts and blowouts. Barbers are usually social and motivated individuals that crave to provide a successful appointment and connection with their client. A career in barbering is an excellent choice for anyone looking to take control of his or her work life. For those in the Broward area we invite you to visit our Florida Technical College Pembroke Pines campus. We provide those who are interested in barbering with the necessary education and tools to begin a successful career. Financial aid is available for those who qualify.   RELATED ARTICLES: 4 Reasons Barbering is the Ultimate Job for a People-Person  

4 Reasons Barbering is the Ultimate Job for a People-Person

Posted on December 4th, 2015 by Florida Technical College

If you love being around people, if you can spark up a conversation easily, if you enjoy listening to people and giving advice, but most importantly, you enjoying helping people change their look, then a career in barbering is right up your alley. A barber is the ultimate people-person, and if you’re tired of being isolated in a cubicle or working in an industry that doesn’t allow you to chat with your coworkers, now is the time to check out the barbering program at Florida Technical College’s Pembroke Pines campus. From sunny Pembroke Pines you can earn a barbering diploma and be ready to be licensed and working in the field in a matter of months. If you’re a people person, here are the top four reasons this career is for you: Barbers work while they socialize. So you love to get together and chat with friends, right? In your free time you can most likely be found over at a friend’s house, out for coffee or at a party because you thrive on being around other people. Why not get paid to be that social? Every working day could be a fun get-together if you work as a barber. While giving haircuts, shaves and styling hair, you can chat with your drop-in customers and catch up with your regulars. As a barber you also get to engage with your coworkers and make new friends. You can do all this while working. Barbers know what your go-to look is. Are you the person your friends reach out to when they need advice on what look they should try this season or what haircut they should get for a special event. Why not be the person responsible for these changes? When you change someone’s look you are creating a living and breathing advertisement of your work, because they are guaranteed to be asked, “Where’d you get your haircut?” if you’ve given them a fresh look! Barbers know all the buzz. Are you that one friend who always knows what’s going on with everyone else? If so, you were made to be a barber. Barbers have traditionally been that person in a community who knows what everyone is doing, what the latest gossip is, and all the news. You’re a natural fit for this career if this kind of chatter is what keeps you going. Barbers are good listeners. If you’re a people person you don’t just like to talk; you also like to listen to people and their problems. A barber is a little bit like a bartender in this way. They listen as their customers share their news, talk about their families, and share their problems. As a barber you can be that person who provides his customers with an ear to listen and an understanding and sympathetic voice. Providing more than just a haircut makes this a meaningful and enjoyable career for someone who loves to be around other people. The barber diploma program at the Pembroke Pines campus of FTC is a great way to get your foot in the door in this exciting and fun field. You can take your courses on a flexible schedule to work your education around your other responsibilities, and those who qualify can take advantage of financial aid. Get started today and learn everything you need to be licensed and to work as a barber in Florida. You won’t regret making this move to a more people-friendly and rewarding career.   RELATED ARTICLE: Barbering in Broward