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9 Signs You Need to Go to Cosmetology School

Posted on March 17th, 2017 by Florida Technical College

Do you obsess over hair and makeup? Do you pay attention to the latest ways celebrities are using nail art? Were you the friend doing everyone else’s hair for prom? Do you feel like your current job is going nowhere and isn’t challenging you? If you can answer yes to these questions and identify with some of these signs and clues, it may just be that you were born to go to cosmetology school.   Cosmetology school is a trade-based program that prepares students in as little as 12 months for rewarding and exciting careers in hair styling, salon ownership, makeup, nails, skin care, and barbering, even freelance beauty. Can you imagine getting out of your current job and spending every day doing makeup, designing new hair styles, or helping people feel more confident with their looks? If so, you might just be ready for cosmetology and a new and better career.   You’re always doing your friends’ hair—and they love it.   You’re the go-to person in your family and among your friends for hair, right? Or maybe they come to you for makeup, or nail art, or all of the above. You have this natural talent and you love doing it. You could continue to just do favors for your friends and family members, but why not do more with your inherent talent and creativity. With the right training through a cosmetology program, you could get the skills that would support your natural talent and allow you to make a lucrative career out of it.   You complain about your dead-end job, a lot, so it may be time for cosmetology school.   Your friends are sick of hearing about it, but you are just sick of your job. Mainly because it’s a job, not a career, you feel as though you aren’t doing anything meaningful and lastly, you really don’t enjoy the work. If your friends and family are tired of hearing you complain, it could be a sign that you are ready for a career change. Cosmetology school can lead you to a great career that is nothing like your current job. A cosmetology education will give you all kinds of options for a career: working in a salon, being a freelance makeup artist, working at a spa or resort in an exotic location or even opening and running your own salon.   You feel you aren’t able to express yourself creatively at work.   Being a hair stylist or makeup artist is not just a job; it’s a creative pursuit. If you never get the chance to be creative as you slave away at your job, it can be really draining. Everyone needs to be able to express themselves sometimes, but some have more creative energy than others. A career in beauty is a great way to use creativity, to actually create new looks and wearable art, every single day, while getting paid for it.   You started experimenting with makeup early, like in kindergarten.   Did you get in trouble as a kid for playing with your mom’s makeup, like often? If so, you may be one of those people who was born for a career in beauty. Maybe you also got in trouble for trying to cut your own hair, or your sister’s hair. Does that sound like you? It may have gotten you in trouble back then, but your early creativity and curiosity means you have always had a fascination with hair, makeup, and beauty and you would likely thrive in this industry.   You want a new career, but you’re worried about quitting or going to cosmetology school.   The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics can put your mind at ease. With the right cosmetology school and training, you won’t have any trouble finding a job in beauty. And, you can count on continued job security and a great salary, probably better than what you earn now. Growth in careers in all areas of cosmetology and beauty is faster than average job growth. There continues to be a need for people who are skilled at working with hair, makeup, and nails. The median salaries are great too, from nearly $21,000 for manicurists and pedicurists to $30,090 trained skincare specialists. There is a potential to earn much more than this too.   You’re chatty and great with people, a natural skill you can’t learn in cosmetology school.   Hair and makeup professionals are some of the friendliest people in the service business. They might come in a close second to bartenders as the professionals most likely to listen to their customer’s confessions and woes. If you love being around people, listening, and talking, but your current job leaves you feeling isolated, it may be time for a change to cosmetology. This is a career that requires great people skills, and being a great listener can also help you earn more; people tip better when they enjoy a great all-around experience with a hairdresser, manicurist, or barber.   You dream about what it would be like to be your own boss.   Not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur. Not everyone has the discipline and drive to be their own boss, but for those who are cut out for it, the desire to stop working for someone else and to take charge instead is strong. If you think about it often, and you enjoy beauty, makeup, and hair, cosmetology school could be your next step toward becoming your own boss. With the skills and training in makeup, hair, nail art, skin care, as well as an education in salon management and career development, you can take your passion to the next level and become a freelance beauty professional or salon owner.   You’re obsessed with the latest beauty products and nail trends.   If you are always looking at what’s new and what’s hottest in beauty trends, you were made for cosmetology school. Students in cosmetology have a real passion for […]

Careers in Cosmetology: How Men Are Rocking This Industry

Posted on January 23rd, 2017 by Florida Technical College

When you think of the beauty industry, of who is enrolling in cosmetology programs, you probably picture a woman as the typical student and worker in this industry. That may be true, but that fact is changing. Cosmetology is not just for women. Men are growing in the industry and making a big impact. If you are a man interested in hair, barbering, makeup artistry or even nails, there is a place for you in the beauty industry and in beauty colleges.   Stereotypes are changing and that’s good for everyone. Having more men in the beauty industry means adding new perspectives to an ancient art. Men have as much of an ability and affinity for styling and creative beauty as women do and it’s time to start breaking the stereotype of the typical person seeking a career in the beauty industry. There is major growth happening in beauty and cosmetology and there is room for men and women in this exciting and prosperous career.   Men Are Already Working in the Beauty Industry While you may find yourself in the minority working in a salon or spa, you are not the first or the only man to go into cosmetology as a career. According to the Professional Beauty Association, the industry is diverse and becoming more so. In 2011, 16 percent of employees in the beauty industry were men and 29 percent of salons were owned by men. The number of men enrolling in cosmetology is growing and is expected to continue to grow. There are no limitations on what men in this business can do.     Join the Ranks of Famous Men in the Beauty Industry While there are more men entering the cosmetology work force than ever before, men working in the beauty industry is not a new phenomenon. In fact, some of the most famous hair stylists and makeup artists have been men. If you have a creative flair and an affinity for design, you could join the ranks of some of the most famous people in beauty, all men:   Max Factor. One of the giants of the beauty industry, Max Factor found fame in the early years of Hollywood. His major contribution to beauty was the invention of a new kind of makeup, an alternative to the thick, gloppy makeup that young movie stars were using on set. He created a lighter formula that was revolutionary at the time and went on to work with such legends as Judy Garland and Bette Davis. Vidal Sassoon. By far the most famous hair designer in history is Vidal Sassoon. This British-born hairstylist started from modest roots, but worked his way up to style the stars. He is credited with inventing the bob hair cut for women. In addition to developing his own line of hair care products, he co-founded the Paul Mitchell brand of hair salons and products along with his now-famous student, Mitchell. Charles Revlon. Most people don’t realize that the person behind the world-famous Revlon brand was a man. Revson revolutionized nail beauty by creating colors that had never been used in nail design before. He also introduced matching lipstick shades so that women could coordinate their hands and faces. Kevyn Aucoin. Aucoin was a more modern star in the beauty industry, making a name for himself working as a makeup artist for some of the most famous faces of the 1990s: Cindy Crawford, Tina Turner, and Cher, just to name a few. He also authored a book, Making Faces, about makeup, which still stands today as one of the most popular beauty books of all time.   Men Are More Interested in Grooming and the Beauty Industry than Ever before Hair, skin care and other forms of personal grooming have long been dominated by women. Women spend time and money on appearance and beauty, and for a long time men watched and wondered why. Now, though, men are joining in on it too. Personal grooming for men is becoming a booming industry. From 2009 to 2014 men’s skin care has seen a huge increase in sales, over 50 percent. This means more men are interested in facial moisturizers, body moisturizers, facial cleansers, and anti-aging products than ever before. Personal care and beauty products aimed at men have increased around the world, with sales growing close to the $5 billion mark.   Another area of specialization in cosmetology colleges is also seeing a resurgence among male consumers: barbering. From 2007 to 2009 the number of barber shops increased by nearly 19 percent in the U.S. Beauty colleges are enrolling more students in their barbering programs as men demand more specialized care for their hair, both facial and on their heads.     The Beauty Industry as a Whole is Booming More students of all types are applying for and enrolling in cosmetology, barbering, aesthetics, nail, and makeup programs. The industry is booming and continues to grow unabated, which means that more makeup artists, hairstylists, nail designers and barbers of all types are needed to fill roles in spas, salons, as freelancers and as instructors at cosmetology colleges.   For the last decade or so, the beauty industry has been growing and there are no signs indicating that it will stop any time soon. Across four sectors in the industry, there has been steady growth, including a 47 percent increase in the sales at spas or salons that hire one or more employees.   Enrolling in Cosmetology Means Great Career Opportunities, for Women and Men With the industry growing, it is no surprise that there are enough jobs and opportunities in cosmetology for everyone, including men as well as women. In fact, some spa or salon owners may want to diversify their staff with more men in order to reach out to the growing demographic of men interested in personal appearance and personal care.   According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is plenty of room for anyone wanting a career in […]