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Florida Technical College is an Academic unit of National University College

Posted on February 6th, 2018 by Florida Technical College

  FTC is an Academic Unit of National University College We are pleased to announce Florida Technical College is an academic unit of National University College (NUC) and NUC is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE)*. The MSCHE is a regional accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.  We believe MSCHE accreditation further enhances our student’s experiences and opportunities in their future. As an accredited school, FTC has educated students for 35 years. With this change, we believe we are an educational institution with an even brighter future ahead that will allow us to serve your educational needs even better than before! We are committed to providing our students with the best education we can offer. Sincerely Yours, Dr. James Michael Burkett  

Veterans Reinvent Themselves at FTC With the GI Bill

Posted on July 21st, 2017 by Florida Technical College

Hector Torres still has vivid memories of what he endured in the combat zone in Iraq during his 15-year Army service. During a tour in 2004, he and his fellow soldiers encountered an improvised explosive device (IED) that blasted their Humvee and gravely injured all of them. Torres is now learning how to live life as a civilian and going through the process of reinventing himself. With the help of the GI Bill, he is attending Florida Technical College, (a military-friendly school) and has already completed the Culinary Arts program. However, this former soldier has always set the bar as high as possible for himself and is currently pursuing a Barbering diploma as well. “The GI Bill has been a wonderful tool to help me retrain and join the civilian workforce,” Torres said. “I hope to have my own business once I conclude this program. I am confident that with my experience in the military and the skills I’ve learned at FTC, I can make this goal a reality.” Created after World War II to help veterans re-enter civilian life, the GI Bill refers to any Department of Veterans Affairs education benefit earned by members of Active Duty, Selected Reserve, and National Guard Armed Forces and their families. The benefit aims is to help service members and eligible veterans cover the costs associated with getting an education or training. Torres is taking advantage of his GI Bill benefits by attending FTC. The school has dedicated staff that understands the different benefit packages for military personnel and their special needs within their community. “We are like a family,” Torres said of his veteran friends. “We share a common experience that has bonded us for life. We all want our military family members to succeed and will do anything to facilitate it. Learning new skills at FTC is one way to achieve that.” The GI Bill is not a single program, but rather a series of programs designed to meet the specific needs of different types of veterans. At FTC, an admission specialist can help identify what program suits you best. FTC has multiple campuses in Central and South Florida and offers Associates and Bachelor’s degrees as well as trade diploma programs. If you are interested in checking out what FTC offers, schedule a tour and a knowledgeable admission specialist. Program availability varies by campus. Important information about the educational debt, earnings, and completion rates of students who attended our programs are available at

Working Together To Empower Minds

Posted on January 17th, 2017 by Florida Technical College

FTC and its sister institutions work together to empower minds and to offer accessible education. Sometimes in life, it takes a partner to help you accomplish your goal.  Florida Technical College has a mission to make education accessible to students with busy lives, and its sister institutions in Puerto Rico — Instituto de Banca y Comercio (IBC), National University College (NUC) and Ponce Paramedical College (POPAC) — are helping it fulfill that mission. “We are one big, tightknit family,” said FTC President David Ruggieri. “Our students benefit from the wealth of information and expertise that we have in our very own education family. We collaborate with each other in everything we can for the bene t of our students.” The colleges are part of the EduK Group, Inc., organized in 2004 in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico as the advisory entity for its member institutions. The post-secondary colleges have diverse course offerings, leading to certificate and diploma programs, associate, bachelor’s and master’s degrees. The colleges’ combined experience in education and their stability and sustained growth have led them to an overall annual enrollment of more than 27,000 students. “If you are from Puerto Rico, chances are you know one of our sisters,” Ruggieri said. “FTC is like the one sibling in the Sunshine State that just about every Puerto Rican family has.” MANY SIMILARITIES Before coming to FTC Kissimmee in 2011 to chair its barbering program, Pablo Rodriguez taught at Instituto de Banca y Comercio for seven years. The transition, he said, was seamless. “Teaching here is very similar to teaching at Instituto de Banca,” Rodriguez said. “The curriculum has only a few small differences, mainly addressing Florida-specific legal matters.” “The student culture in our Kissimmee campus is very similar,as well,” he added. “We love school events with food and music, as a majority of our students are of Hispanic heritage and those things are synonymous with celebration for us.” Rodriguez stays in touch with his Puerto Rico colleagues and many of his students and frequently collaborates with them. “I get asked a lot of questions about the requirements to practice in Florida,” he said. Many of the courses taken at EduK institutions in the island transfer to Florida Technical College. A WARM WELCOME FOR NEWCOMERS Florida is the number one destination for Puerto Ricans leaving the island who seek respite from the current fiscal crisis. There are now more than one million Boricuas in Florida (1,006,542 to be exact), with 1,000 families moving here every month, according to the Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration. “Many of our students are newcomers from Puerto Rico,” said Gabriel Garcés, executive director of FTC Kissimmee. “That’s indicative of the fact that we’re a true reflection of this community. We’re committed to make that transition into a new place, a new city, easier for our students.” To help ease that transition, FTC offers classes in English, but the staff and many instructors are bilingual. The son of Colombian immigrants, Garcés says he connects with students who have emigrated to the country, because he knows firsthand what it’s like to start from zero. “It’s never easy,” he said. “But giving up isn’t an option. Get educated, embrace a career path that fulfills you and allows you to provide for your family. Do those things and there will be no limit to what you can achieve.”    By Jeannette Rivera-Lyles