Why Do You Need a License to be a Barber?

Do you spend time at your local barbershop? Do you want to start a career as a barber? Becoming a barber is a rewarding career and one that will continue to be in demand for decades to come. Hair continues to grow, and clients will always need someone to cut and style their hair. The first step in becoming a barber is graduating from a barbering program at your local vocational school. Why? Because the second step to becoming a barber is getting licensed. Therefore, are you asking yourself, “Why do I need a license to be a barber?”

Why Do You Need a License to be a Barber?

The main reason the State of Florida requires all barbers to be license is so that you know the proper procedures to keep you and your clients safe. Passing the license exam proves your proficiency in safety, sanitation and sterilization. It also shows that you know how to keep the client safe when cutting their hair and shaving their face. You will build this knowledge and these skills during a barbering diploma program. As an applicant for a barber license in Florida, you must have completed a minimum number of hours at a vocational school. To learn more about the application requirements visit, the State of Florida, Department of Business and Professional Regulation. The good news about the barbering diploma program at Florida Technical College is that we “teach to the test.” Everything you learn during lectures and lab work will help you when you take your barber license exam.

What is on the Florida State Barbering License Exam?

Based on the barbering candidate information booklet offered by the State of Florida, there are two types of barbering licenses. A regular barbering license and a restricted barbering license. Both barbering licenses allow you to cut hair, shampoo, blow dry, and apply hair tonics and hair sprays. However, a restricted barber license does not allow you to perform chemical services, like permanent waving, relaxing and hair coloring. The barbering license exams is broken up into seven parts:

Part #1: Safety, Sanitation and Sterilization

During this part of the barber license exam, you will be tested on your knowledge of safety, sanitation and sterilization. You will need to know the different methods of sterilization and sanitation, how to adhere to proper personal hygiene standards, the understanding of disease transmission and precaution, first aid treatment, proper use of draping, and how to properly store and dispose of hair appliances, chemicals and supplies.

Part #2: Florida Barber Laws and Rules

The next part of the barber license exam focuses on Florida barber laws and rules. You will prove your proficiency on regulation and its purpose, barbering terminology, board membership, licensure requirements, disciplinary guidelines and how to maintain licensing status. These laws will cover both the individual barber and the barbershop owner.

Part #3: Hair Cutting & Hair Styling

In this part of the exam, you will use the knowledge obtained from the barbering diploma program to prove your proficiency on different hair cutting techniques. Also, proper use of the equipment and tools to cut and style hair. The hair cutting and styling equipment that you will need to demonstrate proper technique for include cutting shears, clippers, pressing combs, blow dryers, curling irons, and finger wave chemicals. You will also need to know how to take care, cut and style wigs and hairpieces.

Part #4: Chemical Procedures

This part of the barbering license exam tests your knowledge on the patch test, strand test, hair color procedures, chemicals used in lighting and bleaching, scalp and hair analysis, use of permanent wave solutions, hair relaxing products, chemical blowouts and application of base. Proper procedure when using chemicals is important for the client. OSHA focuses on the rules and guidelines for proper chemical procedure, for your safety as a barber while working in a barbershop.

Part #5: Hair Structure and Chemistry

This part of the exam focuses on the hair structure, anatomy of hair and the chemistry of hair. You will need to prove proficiency in hair composition, division and layers. You will be tested on how hair grows, knowledge of hair disorders, and how to analyze the hair structure. All of this will be reviewed during a barbering diploma program.

Part #6: Shaving, Beard, and Mustache Training

One of the most important reasons why clients will want to go to a licensed barber is proper shaving, beard and mustache trimming. Safety is of the utmost importance when using a straight blade to shave a client’s face. This part of the exam will also focus on shaving positions and procedure, mustache design, beard design, coloring facial hair and proper use and cleaning of shaving tools and accessories.

Part #7: Shampooing

The final part of the barbering license exam focuses on shampooing technique. You will need to know about shampooing technique, water temperatures, pH levels, and hair and scalp conditioning. Although shampooing is primarily used in salons, it is important for a barber to know how to properly shampoo a client’s hair, specifically concerning the pH levels.

Final Thoughts

So, you want to become a barber and need to get your diploma in barbering from Florida Technical College? Graduation is the first step to a new career. However, becoming a barber is about more than cutting hair, it is about creating a network of clients, building relationships and helping others. If you have the passion to graduate from a barbering program and get your license from the state, then becoming a barber may be the right career path for you.

Want to Learn More?

The Barbering Diploma Program offers the student the opportunity to acquire and practice the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to gain an entry-level job in the barbering field. Students receive theory and practical experience in haircutting and chemical services, skin care, and shaving and scalp treatment. The program is designed to prepare graduates for Florida Licensure in Barbering.

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