9 Things to Consider When Choosing Cosmetology Schools in Florida

Choosing Cosmetology Schools in Florida: What to look for

Good morning, class! We’re going to start the day with a one-question pop quiz!

pop quiz

Don’t you just LOVE pop quizzes?

What is the one obstacle that stands in the way of anyone who wants to become a cosmetologist in Florida?

  1. a) An education
  2. b) Money
  3. c) Time
  4. d) None of the above

The correct answer is d), “None of the above.”


The one thing that stands in the way of anyone who wants to become a cosmetologist in Florida is passing the licensing exam. Understanding this fact will help in the selection of the right cosmetology school.

Will the School Prepare Me to Pass the Licensing Exam?

Don’t ever think of education as an obstacle. It is preparation. In this case, it is preparation not only for a specialized career in cosmetology, but to pass the licensing exam. Therefore, your initial consideration when choosing a cosmetology school in Florida is being certain that the school you choose will prepare you to pass the exam. For Florida Technical College, the answer is “Yes.” Course COS2006 is entitled Occupational Seminar/Board Exam Review.


The exam is easy when you are prepared.

How Will I Find the Time?

Finding a school that offers both day and evening classes, as well as flexible scheduling, is important for anyone who may have significant responsibilities outside of school. Does Florida Technical College qualify? Yes, it does.

Is There Hands-On Training?

Training in practical, hands-on skills is not really training if it does not include actual hands-on training. Nearly 25% of the Cosmetology program at Florida Technical College is hands-on lab or on-site experience. That’s the equivalent of seven 40-hour work weeks. Again, that’s a “Yes” for Florida Technical College.


Real training on real people.

Will I Get Personalized Attention?

One of the biggest fears of students in any area of study is the fear of failure. It’s important to find a school that offers small classes that allow for the kind of personalized attention that transforms fear into confidence. That transformation is one of the most critical components of preparation. Rack up another “Yes” for Florida Technical College.

Do the Instructors Have Expertise and Experience?

The best teachers are the ones who have “been there/done that” experience. Only they are equipped to go beyond theory and technique and add the lessons that can only be taught from real-world experiences. Florida Technical College instructors are “industry experts with real-world experience.”

Will I Be Able to Gain Practical Business Skills?

This is especially important for those who hope to own and operate their own business. That’s why the best cosmetology schools in Florida offer courses in ethics, legal compliance and salon design and management, just like Florida Technical College does.


There is nothing like being a cosmetologist and owning my own business.

May I Visit the Campus?

Yes! Most definitely, “Yes!” In fact, we urge you to visit our Kissimmee campus to see our modern facilities and meet our staff. You’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. Not to mention that you will be impressed.

Why Florida Technical College?

Florida Technical College provides the right environment for learning with individual student attention, experienced faculty, and career services. At Florida Technical College, we strive to make each student feel special. We do this by providing individual attention, guidance, and personalized career services. We offer a supportive environment to aid learning as well as personal and professional growth.

At Florida Technical College, we recognize that our students are all busy individuals with family, work, and a wide variety of other responsibilities. That is why we offer day and evening classes. You can choose the schedule that best fits your lifestyle. Professional career training is necessary to get ahead in today’s job market, but you don’t have to put your life on hold to get it.

Click here to contact us. We would love to show you more about how we can prepare you for a successful career in Cosmetology. You will be amazed at the opportunities that await you at Florida Technical College.