Medical Assistants Day- Our FTC Family

In honor of National Medical Assistants Day, we highlight the stories and lives of some medical assistants from the FTC Family!

Meet Medical Assistant Program Coordinator Carrie Cosson

My name is Carrie Cosson, and I’ve been a Registered Medical Assistant for over 20 years (yes, I’m old).  I graduated from Concorde Career Institute here in Tampa in 1995.

I was “poached” by a patient’s mother at the pediatric clinic where I worked back in 2008, which brought me to my four years teaching at Everest University (believe it or not, one of my original students became a co-worker/fellow instructor!).  Thankfully, I jumped ship before it went under and went back into the clinical setting (from dermatology to family medicine/pediatrics to urology) until January 2021.  That’s when I started teaching again at Altierus Career College.  When I found out it was closing (anyone else see a pattern here??), I applied for clinical jobs all over the place and was constantly turned down.  I saw the position for Program Coordinator at FTC and gave it a shot, and here we are!  I absolutely love my new role and find teaching what I do to be incredibly rewarding.  I love connecting with my students!

I’m a Florida native (born in St. Petersburg) and I have three children (28 – daughter; 25 – son; 11 – daughter) and two grands. I enjoy anything superhero related, comics, cartoons, movies, reading, writing, skydiving, as well as just doing absolutely nothing whenever possible. I’m brutally honest, sarcastic, and I LOVE making people laugh!  I’ve been unhappily married and happily divorced twice; now I bat for the “other” team.  TMI?

Carey ChesleyMeet Medical Assistant Instructor Carey Chelsey

Ms. Chesley has been a Medical Assistant since 2005 from when she graduated from Central Florida Institute. She has worked in family practice, obesity medicine/bariatric surgery and Orthopedics/epidural injections. Ms. Chesley has 6+ years in teaching Medical Assistant courses and Phlebotomy. In addition to teaching here at FTC she currently also supports our MA students with our MA Cert Boot Camps. As a single mother raising 3 children she knows what it is like to work and go to college as she has had to face the same challenges that many of her students do..