Hospitality Program Director Chef Jeff Milner was recognized by Corporal Josue Naranjo of the Kissimmee Police Department for supporting their Veterans Event

Congratulations Chef Milner
Chef Milner receiving the Community Partnership Award from Corporal Josue Naranjo.

On June 11, 2022, The Kissimmee Police Department joined the Mercy Foundation in their first annual Homeless Veterans Fair to plan in gratitude an event to honor them and provide them with a warm meal. Corporal Josue Naranjo of the Kissimmee Police Department, was tasked with contacting restaurants or corporations to donate 250 meals for the event, during a time where prices where increasing everywhere, forcing everyone to be tighter with resources.  

Corporal Naranjo reached out to Jeff Milner, Program Director of our Hospitality Programs and was pleased to hear Chef Milner along with his students through his Culinary Arts program at Florida Technical College would be able to supply the demand for the warm meals to the veterans from within the Osceola country area. 

 As a recognition to the effort and support, Corporal Josue Naranjo from the Kissimmee Police Department awarded Chef Milner and Florida Technical College  the Community Partnership Award. 


Here is The Original Letter from Corporal Naranjo, which he read through the event: 

 [Letter from Corporal Josue Naranjo #667] 

Community Partnership Award 

On June 11, 2022, the Kissimmee Police Department joined the Mercy Foundation in the first annual Homeless Veterans Fair.  In the planning phase of the event, the Kissimmee Police Department was tasked with contacting local corporations or restaurants who would be willing to donate approximately 250 meals for the Veterans who attended.  Due to the Covid recovery, rising inflation, and overall budgetary restrictions, I had a hard time securing the much needed food for the event.  After a few weeks of searching, it started to look like the homeless veterans would have to go without a fresh meal at the event.  In a last ditch effort, I contacted Jeff Milner with Florida Technical College – Culinary Arts.  I called Jeff anticipating the same response, due to the overall financial strains in the times we live in today.  To my surprise, Jeff was adamant he would be able to help and expressed his desire to collaborate with K.P.D. and the Mercy Foundation for this noble cause.  Throughout the planning of the event, Jeff was readily available and offered many suggestions on how he could help with the event and food distribution.  Although this event was on Jeff’s day off (Saturday), this did not deter Jeff from working on the night prior to make the food, but he also came in on Saturday (the day of the event) to hand deliver and greet the homeless veterans at the event.  His commitment to this event was unmatched as he also brought his wife who assisted with the event.  Due to his commitment to this cause and his community, all the homeless veterans and all the staff/vendors at the event had a fresh meal prepared by Jeff and Florida Technical College.  For his unwavering commitment to his community in Kissimmee, Jeff and Florida Technical College is being awarded the Community Partnership Award. 


Corporal Josue Naranjo #667 

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