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How Long Does It Take to Complete the Business Office Specialist Diploma?

Do you want to get a diploma in a business office specialist program? Our diploma program prepares you for many of the office specialist jobs in business and you master Microsoft Office programs in the process. 
Most of us know the basics of how Microsoft software works but it may take some additional training to learn the intermediate and advanced tasks that are available on this software suite. In reality, Microsoft Office is a powerful, flexible tool that helps businesses in every industry achieve their goals. 

By earning your certification to become a Microsoft Office Specialist, you increase your job opportunities and earning potential. If you are interested in adding this diploma to your resume, you can start here by learning a little more about what a training program entails.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Business Office Specialist Diploma?

A business office specialist diploma program takes as little as 9 months to complete, full-time. In addition to targeting all the important business office subjects, you also gain a thorough understanding of the basic Microsoft Office program, its core features, and topics that you may not know about. These are beneficial not only in passing the certification exams but also bringing unmatched performance and value to the workplace. 

What Products Do You Get Certified In?

The Business Office Specialist program covers three products in the Microsoft suite. The curriculum introduces you to each program in its own respective unit before showing you how they can be used together. When you have a solid foundation in place, it becomes much easier to take on intermediate and advanced tasks that even your employers might not know exist. The Microsoft Office programs you will learn about during this coursework include Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Microsoft Word

Word is the world’s leading word processing software. On the surface, it is a straightforward program that lets you quickly type notes, memos, reports, and other documents. Digging deeper, you uncover the amazing flexibility of Word, including the ability to craft tables, manage a schedule, write detailed reports with data charts, and format e-books.

Microsoft Word will be one of the most fundamental software applications that you learn. In addition to learning the software itself, you can practice your typing and improve your accuracy and speed. Your employer will know that they can rely on you to provide the most important, relevant data in an organized, timely fashion. 

Microsoft Excel

Excel is a spreadsheet software that professionals use to maintain important records, manage accounting, calculate using formulas and perform other spreadsheet tasks. Spreadsheets have many uses, and they can be as simple as two columns and rows and as intricate as 100 tabs. In addition to knowing how to format and input data, a Microsoft certified individual also knows how to draw conclusions from spreadsheets.

Using a variety of unique commands and functions, you will learn how to perform mathematic calculations, summarize information, and convert data into visual graphs and charts for use in Word and PowerPoint.

Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint allows you to create and present a variety of presentations. You can make simple, text-based slides or create striking designs complete with graphs and images. PowerPoint is often used in offices during meetings, and you may find yourself being tasked with creating a presentation for a supervisor.

By getting certified in PowerPoint, you will be able to do far more than just create a simple presentation. You will know how to create powerful, effective slideshows enhanced with eye-catching designs and relevant images and data.

How Do You Train for Microsoft Office Certification Exams?

The Business Office Specialist diploma program at Florida Technical College is a detailed and easy way to learn what you need to know. Our classes offer dedicated support and detailed curriculums to helps students like you reach their professional goals. When it comes to working in an office, knowing the entire Microsoft Office suite will make you a fantastic candidate for a variety of positions.

What Are the Benefits of a Formal Education vs. Self-study?

While there is plenty of free Microsoft Office training online, you do not get the same level of education through self-study. Because you are teaching yourself, it is harder to identify knowledge gaps and fill them in accordingly. When you attend a vocational school’s program, you can rely on the curriculum and experienced instructors to cover all the bases. 

In addition to a detailed curriculum, you also get access to professional guidance and support. Your instructors are all familiar with Microsoft Office themselves, so they know exactly what you need to prepare for your first day on the job. 

In the diploma program, you also get access to the most up-to-date versions of every software. While you will know how to use previous versions, this puts you ahead of the game and at the top of your industry’s leading tools. With a variety of exercises, hands-on projects, and practice exams, you get all the training and feedback you need to take the certification exam with confidence and ease.

What Are Some of the Jobs You Can Apply For with this Diploma?

There are many jobs you can qualify for just by completing the Business Office Specialist diploma program. In addition to being an office assistant or administrative assistant, you could also work as an executive assistant, office manager, secretary, virtual assistant, or business analyst.

Office Assistant

Office assistants offer organizational and technical support to staff and guests. Their duties vary depending on the needs of their employer, but all their responsibilities help make a business run more smoothly. Office assistants write documents, maintain spreadsheets, schedule appointments and update records through the Microsoft Office suite. 

Administrative or Executive AssistantUnlike an office assistant, who helps with the day-to-day operations of an entire business, an administrative or executive assistant works with an administrator or executive officer of an organization. They serve as personal secretaries who respond to emails and phone calls, book meetings, maintain their employer’s professional and personal schedule and keep close records and important documentation.

Coordination, organization, and professionalism are integral to this role, and having mastery of Microsoft Office will give you the skills you need to meet the demands of this position. 

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are typically freelancers who promote their services to a variety of clients and industries. While many work with individuals one-on-one, others are hired by companies to act as a remote secretary. Primary job duties include answering and sending emails on their clients’ behalf, scheduling meetings, maintaining a calendar, and even posting to social media. 

You can promote your credentials to potential clients to gain greater authority in this rapidly growing field. With so many people online promoting themselves as virtual assistants, those with professional qualifications are going to attract the most clients.

Business Analyst

A business analyst uses Excel to conduct different types of data analyses for a company. The results help companies make more informed decisions backed by strong data. They often meet with stakeholders and managers to answer questions, provide updates, and offer data-driven solutions to current challenges. 

Excel is the primary data tools a business analyst uses, but their need for Microsoft Office carries into the other programs as well. For example, writing reports and documents, sending emails, scheduling meetings, and making presentations are all routine aspects of their career. 

Office Manager

An office manager oversees the daily operations of a business to ensure it meets its goals. Rather than focusing on large-scale business decisions, the office manager focuses on aspects related to efficiency and productivity. Their primary task is to make sure all employees can perform their duties and that customers or clients receive the highest quality of service.

Office managers correspond with many people throughout the day, and they may use Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to do so. Being a master at Microsoft software helps candidates demonstrate their credibility and reliability to potential employers; it also provides greater value to a company as the office manager with this background can perform more tasks than someone with only basic knowledge. 

Is the Microsoft Office Certification Worth It?

Absolutely. Having a credential for Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint demonstrates your drive, technical skills, and commitment to professional development. By earning your diploma and completing the certifications, you set yourself up to enter a variety of fields and show employers that you are well equipped to handle anything they need. 

Final Thoughts

If you have 9 months to dedicate to your future, the Business Office Specialist diploma program may be the right fit for you. Not only do you prepare for the Microsoft Office certification exams, but you build the knowledge and skills that will serve you well throughout your career as a business office specialist. Take the time to learn the ins and outs of business operations, you will be happy you did.

Business Office Specialist Diploma Program

Ready to start working toward becoming a business office specialist? The Business Office Specialist diploma program prepares you with the knowledge and necessary skills to perform various business operational functions using office equipment and computer software to manage technical administrative tasks in multiple office environments. You will develop customer service, problem-solving, and communication skills to function appropriately in an office environment.

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