Unleash Your Creativity

Management and Marketing

Unleash Your Creativity with a Career in Business Management and Marketing

People tend to think of careers in business as being a little dry, but the truth is that it takes creativity and bold thinking to be successful in business, especially when it comes to marketing. If you have always enjoyed being creative, this could be a great career path to pursue. With a convenient and affordable associate’s degree in business management and marketing online from Florida Technical College, you can get a jump-start on a great new career that will put your creativity to work. Here are just a couple of reasons you can expect to show off your creative side in a business and marketing career:

  • Creativity drives new products. Successful companies today are not those that rest on the successes of their current products; they are the ones that are constantly coming up with new ones. Businesses need creative people, with the right training and skills, to think up the big ideas that lead to new products to put into development.
  • There is an art to marketing, literally. To sell products and services, businesses need creative marketing plans, branding and advertising to convince consumers they want to buy. This quite literally involves art in many situations. Marketing involves creative writing for the copy in advertisements and on websites, graphic design that keeps consumers interested in a website, and creating the images that will help promote a product and a brand.
  • Creative thinking for a changing world. Technology is constantly changing and shifting how businesses develop products and sell them. As a creative person with business and marketing training you will be in a good position to help a company come up with the new ideas that will put it ahead of the competition. Being able to think of something new, something no one has done yet, requires both business knowledge and creativity.
  • Entrepreneurs create something out of nothing. FTC’s program in business management and marketing is a great stepping stone to entrepreneurship. The degree can give you the skills you need to start your own business. In being an entrepreneur, you are creating something completely from scratch and that requires some creative thinking to come up with the big idea and to put it into action.
  • Creative content is crucial. With websites, social media, and other platforms, businesses need to have a lot of content available for their consumers. This content is becoming increasingly creative and storytelling through content is more important than ever, and to tell a story requires creative thinking.


To be successful in business and marketing, you must be able to think creatively. Add your natural creativity to the skills you can learn in FTC’s online business management and marketing program and you have a recipe for business success. We make it easy for you to earn your degree and launch your new career with an online program, financial aid assistance is available for those who qualify, as well as job placement services, so don’t wait any longer and contact us to find out more about the program today!