FTC Healthcare Heroes Scholarship Recipient Discovers Passion for the Medical Field

A journey that started as fast-paced and unexpected has turned out to be great and amazing. Alexandra Iosif, who is studying to become a medical assistant at our Pembroke Pines campus, started out by simply wanting some information and ended with her starting classes at Florida Technical College.

“It is a wonderful thing when unexpected and great things happen,” Iosif said. “I would like to thank everyone that has helped me start college and throughout this amazing journey that I am on.”

Iosif was named a recipient of our Healthcare Heroes Scholarship, which is awarded to students in our healthcare programs to help them pursue their dreams to work in the medical field.

The scholarship came at a perfect time for Iosif.

“I have wanted to further my studies and career in the United States in the medical field one way or another, and it happened at the time that it was supposed to,” Iosif said. “Having the opportunity of studying in the medical field, knowing that when I complete school that I will be able to help improve a person’s life, is wonderful.”

Iosif’s desire to help people and make a difference in others’ lives was the main reason she became interested in joining the medical field.

“There isn’t anything more satisfying than knowing that at the end of the day I have helped put a smile on someone’s face, or that I have helped take the pain away,” Iosif said. “What can be more motivating than knowing that I might be able to do that once I have finished school and am a medical assistant?”

Studying to be a medical professional and the stress of doing well in school can be a lot to handle, but Iosif does not consider it an obstacle.

“I think that everything happens when it is supposed to happen,” Iosif said. “All you have to do is truly want something, and sooner or later it will happen.”

Passion drives Iosif, but what sets her apart is her mental strength.

“My biggest motivation is believing in the fact that anything is possible, as long as you truly want it,” Iosif said. “Everything depends on our thoughts.”

Iosif encourages students who want to join the medical field to not get overwhelmed and to trust their passion.

“I think that the most important thing to know when starting anything is to not panic or despair, especially if you don’t know the system or how everything works,” Iosif said. “You get the hang of it after a while. All you have to do is want—truly want it—and you will succeed in anything that you do.”


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