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10 Creative Joys of a Career in Web Design

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A career in design requires both practicality and creativity. If you love being creative you should consider studying at a web design school where you can earn web and graphic design associate degree and launch your creativity while earning a good living. What could be better than having a career that is both lucrative and that allows you to express yourself? If that idea intrigues you, you are ready to take the next step.

A degree from a web design college will allow you to start a career designing and building websites, and you can do it by working for a company or by starting a freelance business. Graphic designers and web designers create all those websites you see online. They may design the entire site or individual pages; they design and create graphics and animations; they may even design advertisements. The creative work that goes into building websites is what you could be doing after attending a web design school.

There are so many great reasons to go for this career, including having a better work-life balance, having good job security and better pay, and having a career that challenges you in positive ways. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs developing websites are growing much faster than average and workers in this field earn a median salary of $64,970.

Not everyone gets to be creative on the job, but as a graphic designer or web developer, you will be encouraged to unleash all of your creativity. The joys of having this kind of creative career are numerous, but here are some of the most important ones:


1. Expressing your creativity begins at web design school.

The first creative satisfaction you’ll get as you pursue a career in web design is at school. Web design training isn’t like school as you remember it. You won’t spend all your time reading textbooks and listening to lectures. Instead, you will be working on creative projects, hands-on. In graphic design school, you get to start practicing what you learn immediately. Design graphics, play around with animation tools and create your own websites, all while being in school. Going to school this way is actually a pleasure and doing homework is fun.


2. After web design school, you get to join the creative industry.

 Everyone is creative. While some people may think they aren’t, the reality is that we all are. You don’t have to be able to paint at the level of Van Gogh or Monet to be creative; you simply have to create. Some people are held back from careers in the creative field because they feel like they are not artists, that they don’t have the talent to be creative. While some are better than others at design, it’s in human nature to be creative and since you were brave enough to take the first step, you get to join the community of creators who know this secret.


3. Doing creative work is just plain fun. 

If you asked anyone if they would rather work an assembly line in a factory doing the same thing hour after hour, day after day, or if they would like to create pictures, pick out colors, and arrange images and graphics in a pleasing way, what do you think they would say? The work you learned to do at web design school is creative, it requires more skill and attention than other kinds of work, but it is also fun. Playing around with colors and creating animated cartoons is fun. There may be days working as a graphic designer that is more challenging than others, but for the most part, you will be doing work that makes you smile.


4. You get paid to daydream on the job.

 Part of doing creative work is just letting your mind wander and become inspired. Stuck on a particularly tough graphic? It’s perfectly acceptable to sit back, close your eyes, and think about it. You don’t have to be always actively tapping away on the computer. That’s not how the creative skills you learned in web design school work. It’s about hard work, sure, but also inspiration. You can even take a stroll outside the office, visit a museum, or read a book to stimulate your ideas, and this is all considered a part of the job.


5. Find joy in simply doing what you love, day by day.

 If you are making the transition to a career after web design school it’s probably because you found your last job unfulfilling. Maybe it was boring or it just didn’t challenge you. Maybe you actively hated the work you did. If creating makes you happy, get ready to enjoy your work. A lot of people are unfortunately miserable at work. That doesn’t have to be you anymore. You are about to experience the joy of loving what you do every day.


6. Enjoy the path of self-discovery.

 Not everyone takes the time to be introspective, but when you engage in creative activities it happens naturally. This is because creativity comes from within. You may be inspired by things in the world outside yourself, but you are the true source of what you create. Digging deep into your thoughts and beliefs may not be something you have considered before, but once you start doing it you will realize how rewarding it is to learn more about yourself as you create.


7. Experience the creative flexibility of working for yourself after attending web design school.

 Web designers and developers have a lot of jobs at their fingertips. You will have different options once you complete your web design education. One of those choices is to freelance. You don’t have to be locked in working for one company; instead, you can be your own boss and take on projects on a freelance basis. You can even use your new skills to craft the perfect website to sell your services to potential clients.

Working on your own terms and being your own boss is a flexible way to work and it takes a little creativity. You can work in the middle of the night and sleep all day. You can work 70 hours one week and take the next week off to hang out at the beach. The creative world of freelancing is your oyster.


8. Thanks to web design school, you now have a career that makes you healthier.

 Finding joy in the work you do is great, but if you have a creative career you also get a health advantage. There is a whole host of mental, emotional, and even physical health benefits to being creative. These include reducing stress, anxiety, and feelings of depression, as well as encouraging emotional expression. Being creative and making art also has been proven to help people who are sick heal better. Physical health improvements have even been seen in people creating art/designs, including boosts to the immune system.


9. Build relationships in the creative community.

 Social connections are so important for happiness, well-being, and for fueling your creativity. Your networking begins in web design school, but it doesn’t end there. By being involved in a design you get to connect with other creators, especially if you join a professional or regional organization. Enjoy meeting and socializing with people who think like you, who also enjoy being creative, and who understand what you do every day.

They can help inspire you, pass on job leads, and just commiserate with you about the bad days on the job. Your old friends may still be your good friends, but if you’ve moved into a new, creative, and challenging line of work like web design, they may not get or appreciate what it is you do now. Enjoy developing new relationships with other creative people because you are now one of them.


10. There is great joy in seeing others appreciate your creative work.

 Doing creative work is rewarding in itself. It feels good to create something and to express yourself through design, but it feels even better to share what you create with an appreciative audience. The joys of being creative as a graphic and web designer don’t end with your finished project. The next step is to release it into the world and let others see it. Exchanging creative work with the world is a great experience and lets you see just how much your craft and what you create means to other people.

Going to web design school is the first of many steps you can take to achieve your dream of a new, exciting and creative career. A web design college like Florida Technical College can get you started by providing you with cool classes like animation, theory of design, web graphics, and digital imaging. With an associate degree in web design training, you’ll have skills and the confidence you need to either land that great job or to strike out on your own and start earning from your creativity.