5 Qualities Employers Look for in Computer Support Technicians

network-administration-ftcAs a new career, network administration can provide you with job security, interesting and challenging work, as well as a better income. Florida Technical College (FTC) offers a Computer Support Technician program which you can complete in less than 9 months.

By earning this diploma you will put yourself in a position to meet the demand for computer support technicians, and so many more opportunities. To make yourself the most desirable candidate for these great jobs, consider these four important qualities that employers look for in new hires:

Quality #1: A commitment to keep learning. Technology is always changing, which means that to be successful in this career, you need to be open to continuous education. Your degree from Florida Technical College is the right place to start, but future employers want to know that you will be willing to take additional courses, to read up on evolving technologies and take part in professional development opportunities. The need to keep learning and growing is what makes a career in computer support so exciting, so embrace it.

Quality #2: Specialized technical skills. Your future employer wants to see that you have certain specialized skills right from the start, in addition to being willing to learn more over time. With the computer support diploma from Florida Technical College, you can prove you have those skills. Not only does this program teach you the basics of computer support in information technology.

Quality #3: Problem-solving skills. Computer support technicians are often proactive in their work. They set up and maintain employee computers and organization’s systems with the goal of avoiding problems, but they also have to troubleshoot. A big part of working in this field is solving technology problems. Employers want to know that you can think critically and apply what you have learned about networks to solving problems as they arise. At Florida Technical College, we emphasize problem solving and make sure you have the skills and the practice to be good at technical troubleshooting.

Quality #4: Being self-motivated. The work of a computer support technicians and related fields is highly independent. To be able to work on your own and take charge of your daily responsibilities without a lot of oversight is liberating and empowering, but it also requires self-motivation. You won’t always have someone looking over your shoulder, telling you what to do next. Employers want to see that you can be self-motivated and get your work done without being shadowed.

Quality #5: Certification in Excellence. You will develop the skills necessary to obtain an entry-level position in the field and prepare for the CompTIA A+ certification. Employers look for candidates that have already completed the CompTIA A+ certification in the basics of computer support, networking and security. Employers understand that computer support technicians that are certified in CompTIA will save a lot of training expense and the time that it takes to start a new role at their organization.

Earning a degree in a computer support technician program is your first step toward a great new career in this exciting technological field. It’s up to you, though, to ensure that you practice and develop the important skills needed to impress future employers and get that dream job. Let our educators and professionals in computer support help you get there.

Computer Support Technician Program Description

The Computer Support Technician Diploma program prepares students to demonstrate proficiency in providing technical support and assisting users in troubleshooting, performing technical and system diagnostics, and making the necessary repairs. Students will examine computer concepts, information systems, networking, operating systems, computer hardware, software applications and the Internet. They will analyze the principles of customer service and the importance of problem solving and help desk supportive service. Students will develop the skills necessary to obtain an entry-level position in the field and prepare them to challenge the CompTIA A+ certification.

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*These examples are intended to serve only as a general guide of possible employment opportunities. There are many factors that determine the job an individual may obtain, and Florida Technical College cannot guarantee its graduate any particular job. Some positions may require license or other certifications. We encourage you to research the requirements for the particular position you desire.