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9 Reasons to Work as a Freelance Web Developer


freelance web developer Almost any technology career is a great choice, especially if you love working with computers. More and more businesses have an online presence, which means they need more than just a basic website; they need a great site, designed by someone who knows their stuff. If you have earned a web development degree, you could be in high demand in this field.

Have you considered making your career as a web designer and developer a freelance one? Freelancing is a big part of the modern economy. A lot of people are turning away from traditional positions and are setting out on their own to earn clients and money without the backing of a bigger company. You can do it too, and there are many reasons why you should. Here are just a few of them:


1. There are a lot of jobs out there for someone with a web development degree.

 There are endless jobs available for someone with a website design degree. There is potential for a traditional, nine-to-five job with a firm, but also to get multiple, freelance projects and jobs. The world has gone online and there is not likely to be an end to the need for professionals who can design and build effective and aesthetically pleasing websites.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics records information about various job industries, their incomes, and growth in the total number of positions available. The growth in the field of web development is currently projected to be much faster than average job growth. Between now and 2024 there are expected to be nearly 150,000 more jobs added to the field of web development

2. You really want to take control of your career and future.

 As someone who holds a web development degree, you’ll have a variety of career options to choose from. With your degree and experience, you should be able to find the job of your choice with any employer. You have another option, though, which is to freelance and be your own boss. Instead of working for someone else, you can choose to work for you.

Working for a firm can be a great experience, but it is always going to be limited. You won’t have control over which projects you take on, how many you take on, or how much you earn. As a freelancer, you get control over those things. You can work as little or as much as you want, and you will have the ability to say yes or no to each job that comes your way.


3. You got your web development degree through major self-discipline.

 Detractors of a freelance career will tell you that you have to be a special person to handle the level of control you have over your work. You have to be disciplined and self-motivated because you, not a boss, will be in charge of getting work, doing it on time, and keeping clients wanting more. You have to sell yourself and make sure you deliver work that is of high quality.

That may be challenging for some people, but you earned your web design development degree through exactly this kind of hard work. No one completed the work for you or earned your grades for you. You did it yourself and you used motivation and self-discipline. These are the attributes that will allow you to be successful in a freelance web design career. Being self-disciplined isn’t easy, but you have it down, which means you have the potential to be a great freelancer.

4. You crave flexibility in your working hours.

 For many people who choose a freelance career, flexibility is the absolute best thing about it. Being a freelancer means that you choose your projects, the people you work with, and the hours and days that you work. When you need time off, you take it. If you work better at night, you can work late and sleep in. Your web development degree has opened the door to a career that will give you the flexibility you have never had before in any previous job.


5. You’re great at what you do, thanks to your web development degree.

 The purpose of going to web developer school was because you wanted a real career, a chance to earn a better income, and the opportunity to live a better life. You could have chosen any number of things to study, but you chose web development because you love this work. You’re creative and tech-savvy and you enjoy designing and building websites.

This is something you already have in common with freelance workers. People who work on a freelance basis love what they do. The self-discipline needed for success as a freelancer is important, and it comes a lot easier if you love the work. You’ll wake up each morning ready to get into your office and start the next project.


6. You thrive on working independently.

 Some people can’t stand to be alone all day. It feels isolating and lonely. Freelancers thrive in this environment. If you love to work alone, to work independently on projects as opposed to working in teams, freelancing is a fantastic choice. Imagine being able to work out of your house without a lot of coworkers around. Does the idea excite you? If so, you’re a freelancer waiting to happen.


7. A freelancer with a web development degree will never get bored.

 It’s likely that one of the reasons you made the ultimate choice to go back to school for a website design degree is that you got bored with your previous job. When you don’t have the education or training, you can end up in a job that is routine. You have limited job responsibilities and you do the same things over and over again. Careers in web development are ever-changing; therefore, allowing you to do something that is more skilled and interesting.

On top of that, when you work as a freelancer, the interest level goes up even more. You will work on so many different projects that you will never get bored. One project is likely to be completely different from the next. One day you might work on a website for an upscale public relations company and the next you could be working on pages for an indoor trampoline park. The possibilities are endless.


8. Learn business skills on the job.

Your career future doesn’t have to end with your web development degree. As you work you can learn new skills on the job. If you work for a firm, this extra learning may be limited. You may get to learn new skills about web design or other technologies, but you won’t learn what it means to run a business, to sell your service, or to do accounting and bookkeeping.

Taking the freelance option means that you will essentially be running your own small business. In addition to developing your design and technology skills, you will be learning business skills, hands-on. You will be forced to learn how to sell yourself and your skills, how to manage the revenue you earn, and how to run a business.


9. Finally, find that work-life balance you always wanted.

 It’s what everyone strives for work-life balance. And it’s so hard to get. From top-level, highly-educated executives, to unskilled laborers, that balance is elusive. It’s a balance that achieves the right ratio of work hours to life hours. It’s being able to work enough to earn a good living, but also having enough time away from work to enjoy time with family and friends and to pursue other interests.

Your web development degree may just be the missing piece to finally obtain that work-life balance. As a web developer, you have the skills you need to find plenty of work, and as a freelancer, you will have the ability to take on only as much of that work as you want. You can set your prices and figure out how much you need to work in order to earn what you need. Spend more time with your family, and still enjoy your work; it’s the perfect balance.

 There are many reasons to choose a career in web development and to turn it into a freelance career. It’s true that freelancing is not for everyone, but if the reasons listed here sound like what you have been thinking about for your career, freelance work probably is right for you.

If you haven’t done so yet, it’s time to start thinking about an information technology degree in web development so you can get your freelance career off the ground. At Florida Technical College you can earn your degree and learn the skills you need to get clients on a freelance basis. So when you’re ready to start planning your flexible, independent career with real work-life balance, contact us for more information.