A Career In Welding Can Help You Build Skills For A Lifetime

A Career In Welding Can Help You Build Skills For A Lifetime

5 Reasons Why A Career In Welding Can Help You Build Skills For A Lifetime

Looking to develop a skill set that will be in demand across the globe?
Searching for a career you can grow in?
Ready to explore one of the most lucrative career opportunities in the world?
If so, pursuing your education to become a trained welder may be the right option for you.

As one of the nation’s most desired trades, welding provides countless benefits and opportunities for career advancement. From robotics to education, welders can explore a diverse range of career opportunities.

In fact, welding is one of the most diverse careers around!

Curious as to what some of the biggest benefits are to developing the trained skill set of a welder? Check out these 5 reasons why a career in welding can help you build skills for a lifetime.

1.) Countless Industries Rely on Welders

Did you know over 50% of products in the United States require welding?

In fact, here are some of the most common:

  • Medical devices
  • Bridges
  • Oil rigs
  • Race cars
  • Computers
  • Buildings
  • Ships
  • Cell phones
  • And much more!


This list is actually only a fraction of the industries that rely on welding in one form or another. Chances are, many products you use on a daily basis have been developed in part through welding.

If you’re looking to develop a practical and valuable skill-set, welding may be right up your alley. 

2.) There are Currently more Jobs than Welders

Wondering why the wages for welders are higher than other professions?

One explanation is that there are currently more welding jobs than welders. From manufacturing to construction, the demand for skilled labor is across the board.

Some of the top markets for welders include:

  • Houston
  • Virginia
  • North Dakota
  • Alaska
  • Wyoming
  • Nevada

However, many welders are able to find employment across the globe due to growing demand.

If you’re seeking a career where the job market is flourishing, you’ll want to learn more about the world of welding.

3.) Welders Rely on Cutting Edge Technology

It’s a profession that’s been around for a long time.

From the Medieval Dark Ages to present day, welding is one of the world’s most ancient trades.

However, the processes have come a long way.

In fact, welders today rely on cutting edge technology in their everyday work. Having a transformative effect on the trade, technology has rapidly expanded and improved welding practices. From the development of arc welding to the refinement of laser cutting, welding is continually evolving.

Welders are not only relying on technology on the job site, though, they’re also using it to filter scientific data along with recordkeeping.

Making technology crucial to the trade.

4.) Welders can Work Anywhere in the World

Does working in the water sound like a dream come true?

How about working in outer space?

While these might seem like far-fetched scenarios, there are so many places for skilled welders to find work. A profession that is in-demand across all 50 states, and nearly every country on this planet, welders are able to take advantage of a global marketplace.

How many other skills could you take with you halfway across the world?

Spend a few years in a rural town or head to the big city, there’s plenty of options for exploring when working in welding.

If you have ever wanted a job where you could travel the world, becoming a welder may be the answer you’ve been searching for.

5.) Welders have a Long-term Career Path

One of the most rewarding aspects to a career in welding is the fact that you’re able to pursue a long-term career path.

As a skilled trade, welding provides more than a job, welding provides a career. And better yet, welding provides a career with numerous opportunities for growth and advancement.

Like most good things, though, building a successful career in welding takes time.

However, it is 100% possible!

After all, earning over $100k per year is not unheard of for welders. In fact, there are many welders who are earning this sum and more.

With welding, you have the opportunity to build your own career, and with the right education and experience, you can be well on your way to making this a reality in your own life.

If you’ve ever considered pursuing a career in welding, there has never been a better time than the present to take action.

There’s no reason you should settle when it comes to your future.

Don’t spend another day in a job that isn’t going to take you to the places you want to go. Provide yourself the foundation and skills you need to take that next step forward in your career.


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