4 Exciting Career options for Medical Administrative Assistants in Florida

Those who are pursuing a career as Medical Administrative Assistants in Florida are probably aware of the opportunities in a medical setting, which is usually assisting the doctor in charge or dealing with the managerial sector. It is also spoken highly and commonly of the flexibility a certificate as a Medical Administrative Assistant in Florida may represent. Although assisting in the typical medical setting is widely appealing to most medical assistants it is also enlightening to know the multiple jobs offered to those who achieve this certificate. All the listed wages and descriptions are from the United States Department of Labor Website.

Healthcare Educators (average salary $41,830)

Most Community health educators do not require a Bachelor’s degree or a specific certification in the field. Most community health workers share the language of their area and have an understanding of the members in their community. Health educators collect date of the health needs in their community such as sexual education, recreational drugs, CPR instructing, among others. It is crucial that Healthcare Educators are comfortable and amiable in public speaking situations as most of their jobs are centered in giving community presentations. They must also convey problem-solving skills in terms of budgets presented and any new needs arising in the community. Lastly, healthcare educators must have great writing skills in order to facilitate the creation of presentations and budget proposals to community boards.

Home Health Aide (average salary $20,820)

Home Health aides help those people that are usually ill and cannot fully fend for themselves. Health aides usually develop close ties with their patients through helping them achieve daily personal tasks, provide basic health assistance such as checking blood pressure and administering medication. Many home health aides help with the simple daily tasks of home upkeep, as their patients are physically incapable of doing so. They also aid in arranging transportation to medical appointments and shop for groceries. The most important part of Home Health Aides is the companionship they provide their patients whom for the most part are highly dependent on them. Due to the nature of the job Home Health Aides work closely with the other physicians of the patient – usually registered nurses, specialists, and pharmacists.

Laboratory Animal Caretaker and Veterinary Assistants (average salary $23,130)

Although furry pets are not the usual expected patients for those studying to be Medical Administrative Assistants in Florida, having the basic knowledge of running a physician’s office and assisting a doctor are crucial for success in this setting. Most veterinary assistants receive on the job training for when dealing with animals. The equipment requires strict sterilization as well as careful use of it. It is of utmost importance to have knowledge and care when handling and moving the animals. This career requires kindness, patience and compassion with the animals and the owners that are interacted with on a daily basis.

Health Information Technicians (average salary $34,160)

Health Information Technicians organize and classify health information to ensure relevance, quality and accuracy. They know multiple classification systems whether electronic or paper and maintain databases of the patient’s medical history and treatments. They review the timeline of treatment of a patient, maintain databases, track patient outcomes with treatments, electronically record data for effective retrieval and analysis, lastly they have a high level of patient confidentiality.

Although for those pursuing a Medical Administrative Assistants certification in Florida are possibly looking for administrative jobs in assisting a doctor or managing the daily activities of a physician’s office it is also important to know the range of possibilities available. Pursuing a medical certification, allows for high career flexibility depending on the needs of the graduate. For those looking for Medical Administrative Assistance programs in Florida, look into us, Florida Technical College, we are experts in the field and offer financial aid to those who qualify. Don’t be afraid to invest in your future and call now.