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Careers in Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts Are you in the process of turning your passion for food, cooking, baking or all of the above into a career? If so, there are various options that will be available to you upon completion of your Culinary Arts Program. Having a diploma in Culinary Arts gives you a competitive edge when entering a kitchen. Acquiring the necessary skills of food prep and kitchen etiquette will go a long way in an application process. Below is the list of multiple possible culinary career paths.


  • Chef: Being a chef in a kitchen will allow someone to take the reigns and control. Chefs many times are key players in a restaurant’s menu and ingredients. They are also the captain of their kitchen by managing staff, food preparation and cost, as well as daily ingredient decisions.


  • Pastry Chefs: Are professional cooks who specialize in all baked goods. Pastry chefs are a very peculiar type of chef because most of their work is not completed upon the request of client but by their own time. A typical pastry chef may go into work early in the morning prepare the pastries of the day and leave by the early afternoon. If a client requests a particular pastry for an event it is in under that chef’s time discretion when to complete the request. In terms of time management pastry chefs have the most control compared to other culinary professions.


  • Food Service Manager: This is a broad title for someone in charge in the food industry. A food service manager may be the one working alongside of the restaurant managers, they may be the ones in charge of a fast food restaurant or they are usually the ones in charge of kitchen staff and the designation of duties in smaller restaurant settings. An ideal food service manager is someone who can display a high degree of leadership, while having extensive knowledge of the food industry.


Salaries for each of the positions range greatly in accordance to the position and the restaurant. According to, chefs and head cooks earn a national median salary around $42,480. Food service manager’s national median salary is about $47,960 and a Pastry Chef’s is a little over $23,000. It is important to note that these salaries vary greatly by education, experience and location.


Luckily, the students who complete the Culinary Arts Program at Florida Technical College will have the advantage of graduating in an area where there’s always high demand for all of these positions. All the students from the Culinary Arts program have the advantage of graduating with experience as well as resume reference experience. Smells good? Come look at the future we’re cooking up for you. Come check out Florida Technical College’s culinary arts program where you can accomplish your culinary dreams! Click here for more information or call us at: (888) 906-5730.