Flexible Class Schedules: How FTC Supports Its Students

 Flexible Class Schedules: How FTC Supports Its Students

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Pop culture movies make it seem like every college student is a fresh-faced teenager just out of high school. But in the real world, student bodies are becoming more and more diverse. The majority of students (63%) are over age 25. The median number of children per college student is one and when it comes to handle school life and personal life, having flexible class schedules options is the number one priority.

Education becomes even more important as you age; it can unlock doors that allow you to create new career paths or advance in your current occupation. That’s why Florida Technical College provides students with so many options when it comes to flexible class schedules. Here are just a few of the benefits we offer.

Our flexible Class Schedules

Online Classes

Many of our programs are offered online so our students can take great advantage of flexible class schedules. This isn’t feasible for some courses, of course, where you’ll want to get hands-on experience under the guidance of your instructor, but our students can take advantage of online classes when possible. And this doesn’t just save you the drive time; you can actually participate in some classes at your own pace.

Instead of logging in at a particular time each day or week, some of our online classes are asynchronous – you just log in to your virtual classroom at a time that’s convenient for you, whether that’s six in the morning or just past midnight. Upload your assignments, participate in class discussions on forums, and communicate with your professor through email.


Technology and convenience go hand in hand, and Florida Technical College (“FTC”) facilitates that by providing each student with the new iPad. Students can then load their new iPad* with their assigned e-books (included with tuition), so the work can go anywhere! Get a little reading done while you’re stuck in the carpool line, in the waiting room at the dentist, or on your lunch or coffee break. There’s no excuse for skipping homework now!

FTC students are more than just students; they may be parents, caretakers, and homemakers as well. An education can change your life – the earnings gap between young degree holders and high school graduates is the widest it’s been in almost fifty years. Whether you’re interested in a bachelor’s degree, an associate’s degree, or one of our many diploma programs, you shouldn’t have to put your life on hold for your education. At FTC, you don’t have to.

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More information is available in the catalog or by calling FTC at (855) 999-5741

* New students must attend at least one class and completely process their financial aid payment plan information with the Financial Aid Department to receive The New iPad.