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Get Your Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice Now!

Get Your Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice Now!

The ‘traditional’ college student – fresh out of high school and ready to take the leap from parent’s house to dorm room – isn’t actually traditional at all anymore. Only 15% of undergrads attend four-year colleges and live on campus. Today’s students are much more diverse, and at Florida Technical College, we’re here to accommodate those changing needs.

If you’re one of the 32% of students who are working a full-time job while earning your degree, you need flexibility. Maybe you have a family to take care of or want to go to school part time. FTC is excited to announce a pilot program to offer access to a wide range of students who may need or want more flexibility in their educations. Our online degree programs allow students to take classes when and where they want, at the pace that’s right for them.

The career gulf between high school graduates and bachelor’s degree holders is widening. In November of 2015, the jobless rate for people with a bachelor’s degree was just 2.5%. For high school graduates, it was a whopping 6.9%. And once you find a job, you’re going to make more money over your lifetime – a lot more. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, a bachelor’s degree holder makes more than one million dollars more on average over the course of his or her lifetime than someone with a high school diploma.

Are you ready to take the leap and get your online bachelor’s degree? FTC’s online program for an online Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice with an Emphasis on Homeland Security might be right for you! We’re seeking applicants who are:

  • Passionate about our country’s freedoms.
  • Ready to take charge and actively manage emergency situations.
  • Good communicators and team players – critical for establishing interagency relations.
  • Detail-oriented professionals who can methodically investigate and analyze crime scenes or scenarios.
  • Ready to embark on a career in an exciting, up-and-coming field that is essential to our nation’s security.

Does this sound like you? If you’ve been dreaming of a career in law enforcement or security, don’t let any excuse hold you back! Our degree program makes it possible for students of all ages, backgrounds, and financial situations to get an online bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. Some of the many excuses that just won’t work anymore include:

  • “I don’t have time to get my degree!” FTC’s online degree program allows you to take your classes and complete assignments at your own pace. If you work all day, spend a little time each night studying. There are no set class hours and all learning is asynchronous.
  • “I don’t live near the campus!” You don’t have to live near one of our campuses to get your degree at FTC. You don’t even have to live in Florida! One advantage of our online program is that you can take your classes virtually anywhere there’s internet access.
  • “College is too expensive!” FTC offers financial aid packages for students who qualify. Plus, you’ll be saving money on gas for the commute as well as clothes – just study at home in your pajamas!

If you’re interested in getting a degree from the comfort of your own home and with the convenience of a flexible schedule, contact FTC today!





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