Getting Ready to Graduate? Part I

Getting Ready to Graduate?

Finding Your Dream Job

You chose to complete a program at Florida Technical College so you could have the career of your dreams. Now that you’re close to graduating, it’s time to make that dream a reality. By planning ahead and preparing now for your graduation, you can ensure that you will have an easier transition from school to a new job. There are several things you can start doing now to make sure you find and get that great new job.

Reflect on What You Want for Your New Career


Before you can find your dream job, you need to know what it is. This means more than just knowing that you want a job as a hair stylist in a salon, or a career in IT. Now is the time to really reflect on what you want your future to look like so you can find the perfect job for it. Consider the kinds of hours you want to work, if you want part time or full time work, and what kind of salary you hope to earn.


Take Advantage of Job Placement Services


Once you have a clear picture of what it is you want for your new career, you can let FTC’s career service professionals help you find it. Job placement works with employers to find the open positions that match what you want in a job and the skills you have. The people in the job placement office can also guide you through this process and make sure you have the best chance of getting the job you want.


Craft Your Resume

 ready-to-graduate-3 - Resume

Knowing what job you want and finding an open position with the help of the Career Services department is just the beginning of finding your dream job. Now you have to make sure you secure it. Your resume is the first thing a potential employer will see, so make sure it looks perfect:

  • Keep it simple. Use a simple, easy-to-read font, a clear layout, and limit your resume to one page.
  • List your education and job experiences in reverse chronological order, with the most recent first.
  • List your skills. You’ve been working hard to learn important new skills. This is the place to brag about them.
  • Put your name, email, and phone number at the top, front and center.
  • Avoid typos and silly errors. Proofread again and again to avoid these. Let someone else proofread it too.
  • Get advice from the experts in Career Services. Write your resume and then let our experts check it for you and tell you how you can improve it.


Practice Interviewing


Your resume gets you the interview, but it’s your ability to interact and answer questions during that interview that will get you the job. Interviewing well is a skill that has to be developed; no one is born with it. Practice interviewing as much as you can before the real event. Ask family and friends to set up practice interviews with all the questions you think you may be asked. Dress professionally for your interviews, even if you expect to dress more casually for the actual job. Men should wear a suit. Women can wear a suit, a modest dress or slacks and a nice blouse. If you’re not sure what you have is appropriate, run it by someone in Career Services for a professional opinion.


Contact FTC’s Career Services department today to get started on finding your dream job. Now, before you graduate, is the time to work on your resume, practice interviewing, and let our experts help you find that perfect position.