Learn about Face Shapes at Florida Technical College

Attention Cosmetology Students:

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But what if a customer walks into a salon, presents the stylist with a picture of a celebrity or model and asks for a cut and style just like the picture? Does she really know what she is asking? And is it the right thing to do?


Beauty happens when the style matches the face shape.

Anyone thinking about a career in cosmetology, especially as a hairstylist, should expect that this is actually going to happen a lot more than just once or twice.

What Looks Good Doesn’t Always Look Good

Just because a particular hairstyle looks good on Angelina Jolie, does not mean that the same style on any other woman is going to make her look like Angelina Jolie. In fact, it doesn’t even mean that the style will look good on that woman at all.


You’re going to love how this style fits your face.

While, on the one hand, the style that the customer wants may suit her just fine, it is also just as possible that it may not. An accomplished hairstylist will know immediately that although she can provide what the customer has requested, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the desired style will produce the desired effect.

What Looks Good on One Face Doesn’t Always Look Good on Another Face

One of the most critical fundamentals of hairstyle is understanding face shapes, because stylists need to understand which hairstyles are flattering for each face shape – and which are not.


I like how my new style makes me look.

Just how important is understanding face shapes relative to hairstyling? At Florida Technical College, we think it is extremely important. Check these phrases taken directly from styling course descriptions in our catalog:

  • “haircut development according to individual’s characteristics” – COS1030 Haircutting I
  • “according to individual conditions” – COS1100 Hair Care Principles
  • “according to individual’s facial characteristics” – COS1130 Haircutting II


The emphasis at Florida Technical College is on understanding how to beautify based on each individual’s characteristics, especially the shapes of their faces.

It’s Not What You Know or What You Can Do. It’s What You Do with What You Know.

Sure, you can give her the Angelina Jolie cut, but ultimately she is going to be “the beholder.” Ultimately, what she wants to behold in the mirror is not Angelina Jolie. She wants to see a more beautiful version of herself.


Can you make me look like Angelina Jolie?

Stylists who understand what works and what does not work with various face shapes also understand how to deliver what is most flattering to their customers. It may not be possible, due to face shape, to deliver what the customer asks for, but knowing what to do and how to do it will be the learned skills that deliver what your customer really wants – to look beautiful.

You can learn more about our cosmetology courses at www.ftccollege.edu. While you are visiting our website, you will be able to contact us. Someone is always available to answer your questions or even arrange for a visit to our DeLand and Kissimmee campuses where you can meet faculty and administration and tour our modern facilities. From face shapes to hairstyles, FTC is ready to prepare you for a career in cosmetology.

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