Makeup Artist Nicole Dupré Shares Advice on How to Succeed by Being Disciplined and Innovative - FTC Florida Technical College

Makeup Artist Nicole Dupré Shares Advice on How to Succeed by Being Disciplined and Innovative

Florida Technical College resumed this summer one of its most successful regular events, The Influencer Series, with Opera del Sol founder and professional makeup artist, Nicole Dupré, as its speaker.

In this monthly series, influencers and leaders of different industries are invited to a dialogue in which they share insights to help students expand upon their professional development. On this occasion, more than 60 cosmetology students from the Kissimmee and Deland campuses participated. The series is also open to the public at large.

Nicole has worked almost a decade as a makeup artist with numerous performing arts groups, including Opera Orlando, the Orlando Philharmonic, the Orlando Ballet, and the Vero Beach Opera Company. Her expertise with skin care has earned the trust of many other clients such as FORBES, The Today Show, MSNBC, The Golf Channel, and WESH2News.

As a sought-after hair, makeup, and wig designer, Nicole shared with the future cosmetologists four tips to excel in the competitive beauty industry.

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Nicole Dupré shares advice with students at the Kissimmee campus.


What makes you different? What are you passionate about? Where’s your place in the cosmetology industry? Search, develop, and create an innovative idea with market opportunities. Expand your range within the industry, think of yourself as a walking business. From the way you talk, to how you dress, everything counts. Be as creative and unique as possible.


Build your brand, separate your personal content from the professional. Use your platform to share your work and document every day something new. Keep the focus on the substance, not on the selfies. Turn your social network into a digital portfolio: if you learned something new in class, if you created a certain kind of makeup for the first time, document it and share it.


Your growth goes hand in hand with well-organized finances. Create a system where you can keep pace with your expenses. Invest wisely on your business by building your professional makeup kit with a variety of products and materials for all client types.

Do you wonder about how to set prices and how to find your own path? Network with others in the industry and learn from them.


Gain experience and start paying your dues. Take every opportunity that comes your way, like internships, service exchanges, and cultivating relationships. New experiences can become bridges to bigger projects. Don’t forget to pay it forward.

Earlier this year, Nicole founded Opera del Sol, which develops immersive productions and collaborates with artists in other genres, such as dance and visual arts. The company pushes boundaries by staging shows in unexpected places, such as public buses, churches, and schools.