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New Fall Runway Makeup Trends 2015

Bazaar has released its list of the most raved about new fall makeup trends. From red lips, sharp eyeliner and the departure of contouring this season’s makeup trends have it all. So we contacted the experts at the cosmetology program at Florida Technical College for their spot-on expertise.

On the top of Bazaar’s list is the winged-out black liquid eyeliner. Although, it is a continuing trend and classic from the previous season, this season we’re encouraged to go outside the line. This winged out look can go from a subtle up-do on eyelashes to a dramatic red carpet look. There are millions of ways to find the right eyeliner for you. If you’re into a more smokey look kohl and a smudger will be your best friend. If you’re more of a risk taker try the double-winged line shown by Mugler. If you’re feeling like an artist try Fendi’s painting on an eye. FTC’s experts advised us to use a pencil liner as a guide for that tricky liquid eyeliner.

All photos source from: Bazaar (Best Makeup trends for fall 2015)


Our big shocker on the list is (drum roll please) the death of the contour. What the Kardashian giveth, Fashion Week taketh away. So it’s time to get rid of your contouring kit and your matte browns for light pink blushes. Go for the blushed look or the rosy cheek in winter look, the more natural the better. A trick given to us by the FTC experts was: pinch your cheeks before buying blush and find the most similar shade to it.

Entering the stage is the dark lip! Think various tones of black and purples paired with sweet beach waves and cute ballerina buns. Although black lips sound extremely intimidating to any woman remember to pair them with light makeup and romantic hair. Lastly, don’t forget everything goes with black.


Next on the list is a hot red lip! All sorts of variations of red lips, dark purples and even browns. Wine and bloody reds have many times been a staple of the fall season. It is a nice contrast and take away from our summer trends of lip balms and nude colors. Matte colors are most favored during this fall trend but we were told to be sure to find a matte color that also moisturizes. No one wants crinkling red lips.

 (Pictures from Bazaar’s The Best Makeup Trends for Fall 2015)

On the other hand, how do we find the perfect red lip? According to FTC’s experts, there are many techniques to help a client find the perfect shade of red lips. For example, fair skin tones work best with reds that have an undertone of orange. While fair skin tones are complemented best by the cooler pink undertones. Moreover beige skin tones are best complemented by golden undertones.

Although this sounds easy enough when asking the professionals we were told to note that knowing your shade of skin tone isn’t enough. Hair color, eye color and cheek tones need to also be held into account when picking the right shade of red lipstick. Overall us newbies can get as close as possible to our perfect shade but the professionals probably know best.

If you live in the state of Florida and want to help others become the very best version of themselves you should consider the Cosmetology Program at Florida Technical College. FTC has a thriving cosmetology department where you can learn all the latest beauty secrets. If you love beauty and cosmetics, why not work in what you love? Maybe YOU can set the trend for next season!