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Programs for Those that Enjoy Hands-on Work

Florida Technical College is the right place for the right time. The American job scene has been evolving over the past decade. Job demand has never been greater for hands-on skills. Having the skill sets that an employer needs has become a primary factor in corporate hiring decisions.

Hands-on work: the statistics

In May 2015, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that there were 5.4 million job openings in the U.S. – the most since the turn of the century. So, with 5.4 million openings, why are so many Americans unemployed?

hands-on work tools

Hands-on jobs require learned skills.

One labor analyst pointed out that, “For those ready to work now, the job openings are clearly there, with a skills match being the key needed fit.

One of the primary reasons for people not being able to find work is that they do not possess the practical job skills that employers need for the positions that are open. This is especially true for people who are either unwillingly unemployed or attempting to return to the workforce

Hands-on work: learn the technical skills

If You Want the Jobs, You Must Acquire the Skills. Because of schools like Florida Technical College, acquiring many in-demand skills is not the obstacle that it may seem to be. In fact, technical education in hands-on skills can train willing workers for well-paying jobs in a relatively short period of time at much less cost than most might think.

You Must Acquire the Hands-on Skills That Are in Demand. That’s where FTC can become the key for opening the door to your future. Many FTC courses prepare graduates for rewarding careers where hands-on skills are necessary.

HVAC Skills. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects almost a 21% increase in jobs over the next seven years for those possessing skills in heating, air conditioning and refrigeration. The FTC HVAC/R diploma program prepares graduates to hit the ground running, equipped with the expertise that is in growing demand. This 68-week course is available at the Deland, Kissimmee and Pembroke Pines campuses.

hvac hands-on work

I make people’s lives more comfortable.

Culinary Skills. FTC’s culinary arts classes are taught at the Kissimmee campus, in the heart of one of the country’s top tourist and convention destinations where dining out is world-class. The Culinary Arts and the Baking and Pasteleria programs are each 52-weeks long.

hands-on work as a chef

I make people’s meals more delectable.

Beauty, Barbering and Cosmetology Skills. FTC’s Kissimmee and Deland campuses offer programs that prepare students for hands on careers that require hair cutting, coloring and styling skills as well as cosmetology and esthetician expertise.

hands-on work as a hair stylist

I improve people’s appearance and self-esteem.

Hands-on work: What Florida Technical College will offer 

Preparation for skilled, hands-on jobs that provide people with the personal services they need is a hallmark of Florida Technical College. Flexible schedules and focused learning make the experience more accessible and enjoyable. Our instructors are, themselves, equipped with these hands-on skills and it is their objective to help students learn those skills that can prepare them for a lifelong, satisfying career.

Visit our website to learn more. There you will be able to learn much more about these courses and others, have the opportunity to chat with an FTC representative, view our catalog and contact us for additional information. You will be amazed at the opportunities that await you at Florida Technical College.

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