School for Culinary Arts

School for culinary artsCan you handle the heat?

Do you like cooking for your friends and family? Is cooking a hobby or a passion of yours? Why not make it your career. If you are interested in having a fast-paced career in culinary arts and want to be head chef of your favorite restaurant, or better yet – have your own restaurant to be the chef of, you should get a degree in Culinary Arts from Florida Technical College. We have years of culinary arts experience and our chefs are top in their career. Our Kissimmee location allows our students to learn cooking techniques from all around the world. Become an expert of Asian, Latin American, European and fusion cuisines.

Are you interested in launching a rewarding Career in the Culinary Industry? We offer programs in:

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The FTC Culinary Arts training program can help you develop food preparation, baking and even management skills. At Florida Technical College you will receive daily hands on training, you will train under professional chefs, get experience from a restaurant-like environment and learn innovative cooking techniques from the top kitchens around the world.

Your classroom setting won’t be like any other classroom. You will learn and train in our commercial kitchens, which are equipped with all the essentials for you to learn and practice fundamental cooking techniques. Our Instructors are Chefs and they will help guide you through the program, simulating real-work restaurant environments.

Pursuing your Culinary Arts degree can lead to a prosperous career as a: Restaurant Manager, Cooking Assistant, Executive Chef, Sous Chef, Line Cook and the list goes on. Turn your passion for food into a life-long career!

Whichever program you choose, Florida Technical College offers fast-paced career training programs and features a hands-on approach to learning.

Find Out if a Rewarding Culinary Arts Career is right for you!

The best way to see if going back to school and training for a career in Culinary Arts is right for you is to visit the FTC Kissimmee campus. You can tour our modern commercial kitchen and meet with our instructors who work in the field. More importantly we offer Financial Aid to those who qualify. We know this is a big step so we encourage you to learn more. To schedule your FTC campus tour, fill out this form or call the FTC Kissimmee campus today: 888-906-5730