Tech Schools In Florida: Putting the ‘T’ In STEM Occupations

STEM occupations are growing in demand. This includes jobs in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Special knowledge and skills are needed to excel in each of these areas and the reality is, training in these areas can open many doors of opportunities.

Technology for example, is always advancing. While it’s hard to deny that this is true progress, the fast pace of innovations can make it hard to keep up. In fact, a recent Pew report revealed that many “networked workers” have mixed feelings about the technology they use. They claimed that, although technology adds flexibility, it also adds stress.

There are two basic reasons for their stress.

  • They can’t seem to keep up with the changes in technology.
  • They don’t want to keep up with the changes.

The good news is that those two problems present two opportunities for techies.

  • Employers need IT staff to help the first group.
  • Employers need IT staff to fix the problems the second group creates.

Don’t Minimize the ‘T’ in STEM

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The ‘T’ may be second letter, but that doesn’t make it any less important that the first. In fact, it may be the single most important letter in STEM for the next decade, but no one is going to change the acronym to TSEM.
Advances in technology keep accelerating at rates never before realized in the history of man. This fact adds to the demand – and the opportunities – for people who want a career in Information Technology.

Tech Schools in Florida Maximize the ‘T’ in STEM

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We do that by offering a broad range of courses that prepare our graduates for a surprising range of career options that include:

  • Customer Support
  • Programming
  • Database Administration
  • Systems Administration
  • Information Security
  • Web Design
  • IT Management
  • Software Development
  • Systems Analysis

Each of these specialties appeal to different people, but they are all components of the same, growing world of technology, are in high demand, and are expected to continue to be in high demand for some time to come, especially as everything in the working world becomes increasingly more connected.

Florida Technical College Puts the ‘T’ in STEM

Five of our six campuses now offer Bachelor of Science degrees in Information Technology Networking, Web Design and Programming. That’s in addition to our Associate of Science degree programs in Network Administration and Computer Information Science, the latter of with is offered at all six campuses.

Our Network Administration program prepares students to install and configure hardware and troubleshoot the almost continual issues that crop up each day any company with networked equipment.

Our Bachelor of Science program prepares people for in-demand careers in IT Management, Systems and Network Administration, and, for those with a creative bent, Web Design and Programming.

How Florida Technical College Puts the ‘T’ in STEM

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It’s really simple. Students come with an appetite. We feed it with a menu of essential nutrients of specialized skills seasoned with the insights and experiences of an exceptional faculty who are focused on presenting the right mix of ingredients to prepare those students for the sector of the IT world that appeals most to them.

It’s a fact that people who love their jobs perform much better than their peers. There is no better opportunity available for those whose dream it is to have a rewarding career in the ‘T’ that is in STEM. Contact us at Florida Technical College to learn more about the educational opportunities in Information Technology.

Lou Gutheil writes on a wide variety of subjects, including investments, immigration, technology, NGOs, and, of course, higher education.