Top 8 Careers To Pursue With A Criminal Justice Degree

Top 8 Careers To Pursue With A Criminal Justice Degree

What can you do with a Criminal Justice Degree?

Great question!

Luckily, there are many career paths that are possible with a degree in criminal justice, from police work to forensics to opportunities within the FBI.

Curious exactly what kind of career opportunities you’ll be able to pursue with a criminal justice degree?

Just check out these top 8 careers below.

1.) Police Officer

Working to protect lives and property, police officers serve in a fast-paced and ever-changing environment. In fact, no single day is likely to be the same for a police officer. Employed in every city, from rural communities to budding metropolises, being a police officer offers a diverse career with opportunities for personal and professional development.

2.) CIA Agent

Tasked with maintaining the security of the United States along with its citizens, becoming a CIA Agent can be a career opportunity unlike any other. Primarily concerned with the collection of intelligence information, working within the CIA often entails the research, development and implementation of high-level technology. Typically corresponding with military leaders and policymakers, CIA Agents work in a variety of settings and environments.

3.) U.S. Marshal

Did you know that U.S. Marshals have the widest range of authority in comparison to all other federal law enforcement agencies? Often requiring individuals to possess a bachelor’s degree in a field such as criminal justice, U.S. Marshals provide countless services. Working in virtually every federal law enforcement situation, U.S. Marshals are often entrusted to aid in judicial security, fugitive operations, witness security, justice prisoner and alien transportation systems, asset forfeiture, service of court process and tactical operations.

4.) Coroner

Independent judicial officers, coroners inquire as well as report on deaths from unnatural or unknown causes, including those within police custody. Excellent communicators, coroners interact with numerous individuals from police officers to witnesses during their investigative processes. With part-time and full-time work available for coroners, there is a wide and diverse range of opportunities within this career path.

5.) Corrections Officer

Primarily responsible for overseeing individuals that are awaiting trial along with individuals who have been sentenced to serve time in prison, corrections officers are often working directly within correctional institutions. Making this a career that is both exciting and dangerous in some cases. Projected to grow by 5% from 2012-2022 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, correctional officers face an incredibly stable future employment outlook.

6.) Paralegal

Rather be off the front lines? If so, a career as a paralegal could be a perfect choice. Employed by a variety of law firms, paralegals are able to specialize in areas such as real estate, bankruptcy, intellectual property, and even corporate law. Typically performing administrative duties such as filing paperwork and scheduling client meetings, paralegals perform a variety of essential tasks for firms.

7.) Detective

Commonly referred to as criminal investigators, detectives solve crimes ranging from felony, theft, fraud and more. Typically assigned to a specific task force or unit, detectives help to ensure that justice is served. Conducting witness interrogations along with serving in courtroom proceedings, detectives possess a unique set of skills and provide invaluable services to countless citizens across the country.

8.) Customs Agent

Do you have a passion for public safety? If so, working as a customs agent could be a highly rewarding career path. Responsible for keeping terrorists and weapons out of the United States along with preventing illegal immigration and smuggling, CBP Agents ensure that the security of the United State’s border is never in question. Employed from airports to land border crossings, customs agents are this nation’s first line of defense.

Does one or more of these career paths appear to be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for?

A stable and diverse field, a degree in criminal justice can open countless opportunities to jumpstart your new career.

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