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Top Trait of Successful Marketing Professionals? The Right Training

Pop Quiz No. 1

Question: What’s the difference between “left brain” and “right brain?”
Answer: The “left brain” is on a person’s left side. The “right brain” is on their right.

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“I can count beans.” — “But I can paint beans.”
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Everyone knows that. We all have two sides to our brains. The terms “left brain” and “right brain” commonly refer to which side of a person’s brain is dominant. Left brainers tend to be analytically inclined. Right brainers tend to be more creative. Mathematicians are generally considered to be left brainers. Artists are likely to be right brainers.

Pop Quiz No. 2

Question: Should Marketing Professionals Be Right Brainers or Left Brainers?
Answer: Yes!

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If we put our heads together, we could do amazing things!

One of the major problems in the past, largely for small to mid-size companies, is that there has been a tendency to put right-brainers into marketing positions. Companies have been learning, however, that does not work out well. Someone may possess awesome creative thinking and skills. To be a successful marketing professional, however, also requires exceptional analytical thinking and skills.

Without analytical skills, people in marketing positions are unable to apply their creativity in a practical way that attracts, creates and retains loyal customers. Without creative skills, people in marketing tend to succumb to paralysis by analysis. A marketing leader must know, not only what to do, but why and when to do it.

Pop Quiz No 3

Question: What Do You Do if You Want to Be a Marketing Professional, But You Are More One-Sided Than the Other?
Answer: Train at Florida Technical College in Orlando

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So this is what you get when you combine right and left brain thinking.

Disney World is not really “Magic.” (That would be Orlando’s NBA team.) Disney is marketing: Creative imagination combined with research, analysis, and engineering. It is a revenue-generating megalith that keeps expanding because of a unique blend of creative and analytical thinking. They just don’t advertise the analytical part.

Successful marketing professionals are not born. They are trained.

Florida Technical College in Orlando offers two and four-year degrees specifically designed to prepare our students to pursue successful careers in marketing. Our Business-Entrepreneurship, Management and Marketing Program works whether a student is a left-brainer or a right-brainer.

We sharpen your strong side and we empower your other side. Courses in Capital Planning, Strategic Management, Organizational Behavior, Internet Marketing and others are led by instructors with MBAs. Several own or manager successful domestic or international companies. Their educational and experiential backgrounds provide an expertise that understands best practices and the work challenges that await our graduates.

Here’s a Couple of No-Brainers

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“Whodda thunk?”
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The first no-brainer is investigating Florida Technical College’s Business-Entrepreneurship, Management and Marketing Program. The second no-brainer is enrolling in a world-class program taught by professionals who care about your success in school and in your professional marketing career.

We invite you to contact us at Florida Technical College so that we can introduce you to our complete program, share our success stories, and show you exactly how our program will work for you. You will be pleasantly surprised and you’ll soon realize that a marketing education at FTC is a no-brainer.

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