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FTC College Website and Graphic Design Degree: Education for Modern Artists

Twenty years ago, very few people had or understood personal computers. Fewer knew how to design and build websites.

Today, companies advertise “Create Your Own Free Website!” You can almost always tell which sites were self-created and free. They look like it.

Because of the advent and the incomparable technology of all things internet-related, the field of graphic design has taken on a whole new dimension – one which requires learned expertise in the principles of graphic design itself and in techniques for professionally applying those techniques to design and publishing outstanding web sites.

What’s more, you can learn how to do this without having drawing skills.

website and graphic design 1

Some of web design involves shapes, sizes, proportions.

Website and Graphic Design : the Principles of Design

The FTC Website and Graphic Design Associates Degree program at our Deland, Kissimmee and Cutler Bay campuses begins with a course in Theory and Elements of Design that includes both lecture and lab opportunities. This class introduces the elements and principles of design as illustrated by art history and contemporary art, as well as natural and man-made environments. This course focuses on color, line, texture, shape and space to achieve a working understanding of harmony proportion and cohesion.

website and graphic design drawing

Some of web design involves understanding colors.

Students gain an understanding of principles of design like visual hierarchy, the Golden Ratio, Hick’s Law, Fitt’s Law, the Rule of Thirds, Occam’s Razor, symmetry and similarity, to name a few. Understanding these principles as they apply to web design prepares students for a professional career, not just the ability to design a single website.

Website and Graphic Design : the Practical Application of Design Principles

FTC Website and Graphic Design classes, like Digital Imaging I & II, Applied Design, Web Graphics, Animation I & II, and Web Programming I & II, include imparting practical application in lab settings.

website and graphic design team

I’m so happy I enrolled in FTC’s Web Site and Graphic Design Course!

Note that the Web Programming courses take the student from understanding the principles of design to the application of those principles to actually creating innovative and powerful design elements and pages. This is accomplished by equipping students with the functional tools necessary to complete the tasks.

Website and Graphic Design : Professional Success for Prepared Students

The FTC Website and Graphic Design program further prepares students by including classes in Career Development that communicate the fundamental skills that every employee or business owner needs to succeed, including writing impressive resumes and preparing for job interviews. Our graduates leave FTC knowing exactly what it takes to succeed as a web developer or designer.

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