Why are more students choosing Vocational Schools in Miami?

Vocational Schools It is no secret that vocational education is on the rise all across the United States. What is even less of a secret is the large number of students attending vocational schools in Miami.

Miami is an area that thrives and lives off of the service industry. Most of the skills necessary in the service industry cannot be learned with your basic 4-year degree, this is where Vocational Schools come into play and provide students with a more hands-on approach. Vocational schools in Miami became necessary as more and more people’s lives became dependent on the hotel, restaurant and medical industry.

Hotel industry

The hotel industry has been in a steady rise since the early 2000’s with a slight halt during the 2008 recession. In 2014 Miami opened two new ports that poured tourism into the city. This rising need in the hotel industry means a growing need for food preparation staff and beverage services. Miami is known for its luxurious ways – having many of the world’s top hotel lines in a concentrated city. These top-of-the-line hotels are always in search of new and talented chefs to be up to par with hotels in other major destination cities. Vocational schools in Miami meet the growing demand of these hotels by providing chefs with all the basic skills to successfully run a top tier kitchen.

Restaurant Industry

The Restaurant Industry in Miami is as unique and adventurous as its population. According to the United States Healthful Food Council the average American eats a meal or a snack from a restaurant 5.8 times a week. The Miami area isn’t any different with its citizens eating at this rate and tourists eating out for almost all of their meals. Miami has an insatiable need for professional chefs with the growing number of restaurants and the high demand for innovating cuisines. Students from Florida Technical College graduate with a knowledge of cuisine fusions as the Miami population continually mixes heritages and cultures.

Medical Industry

Miami still has a huge elderly population without counting the aging baby boomers. Miami Florida has thousands of different hospitals, medical facilities and centers. Some of the largest employers in Miami are in the healthcare region such as Jackson Memorial Hospital and Baptist Health System. Without counting the different medical facilities there are also the thousands of nursing homes in the region requiring certified medical assistance. On the other hand, most of the elderly receive their care through Medicare so there’s a necessity in learning effective Medical billing. This is why Florida Technical College has programs in Medical Assisting and Medical Billing & Coding.

Have you also noticed the rising need of technical professionals in Miami? Interested in learning all the necessary skills to thrive in this industry? Are you like millions of other students looking into vocational schools in Miami, but don’t know where to go? Come visit our Florida Technical College Cutler Bay Campus, with over 30 years of seniority in the Miami area and industry-wide recognition we can help you find the program that’s right for you! Contact FTC today!