Business Office Specialist Diploma


Program Description

The Business Office Specialist diploma program prepares students with the knowledge and necessary skills to perform various business operational functions using office equipment and computer software to manage technical administrative tasks in multiple office environments. Students will develop customer service, problem-solving, and communication skills to function appropriately in an office environment.

Possible Employment Opportunities *

  • Office Clerks, General
  • Executive Assistant
  • Data Entry Clerk
  • Administrative/Office Assistant

Credential Earned

Business Office Specialist Diploma

Related Certifications

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint

Duration of the Program

9 Months
Quarter Credits: 40.5
Lecture hours: 288
Lab hours: 288
Total contact hours: 576

Core Courses

Introduction to Computer Operations

This course provides students a survey of computers and information processing and their roles in society. It will introduce a historical perspective of computing, hardware, software, information systems, and human resources and explores their integration and application in business and other segments of society. Students will be required to complete lab assignments using the PC’s operating system, and several commonly used applications, such as word processors, Internet browsers and search engines, spreadsheets and graphics presentations applications.

Business Communications & Word Processing

This course is designed to introduce students to tools that aid in the administrative functions that support the day-to-day business operation management of the organization. The course emphasis will include effective communication efforts utilizing computer-processing software, google platform, and cloud based applications.  The course combines both technical and practical exercises that show students how to write memos, letters and reports used in various business environments.

Office Operations & Spreadsheets

In this course the student will demonstrate their understanding of the purpose and usage of spreadsheet applications and functionality in order to successfully complete project tasks. The student will create and edit workbooks containing multiple sheets for displaying spreadsheet models used to assist in decision and problem solving analysis. Students will complete practical project exercises that help organize financial data for managerial reports such as profit/loss, cash flow statements, and balance sheets with visual graphics.

Business Communications & Presentations

This course introduces students to the fundamental functionality of PowerPoint in its usage in showcasing key aspects of critical information. The course will focus on how to apply the correct applications tools and techniques used to create and design presentations such as charts, graphs, images, and other multimedia.

Introduction to Business

In this course, students will examine the concepts, principles, and operations of business. They will determine the functions of modern business management, marketing, product and brand management, and pricing strategies. In addition, they will analyze the fundamentals of the human resources management side of running a business and the importance of workforce motivation and engagement. Furthermore, they will examine the relationship between accounting and financial management, as well as the impact of global business.

Accounting Basics

In this course, students will examine the fundamentals of bookkeeping and financial accounting. They will also analyze user-friendly examples to increase their knowledge of accounting standards. Furthermore, students will discuss assessment questions regarding corporate governance issues, sustainability, environmental and social reporting procedures, and ethics. Finally, they will evaluate financial statements, ledgers, taxes, capital and revenue expenditure, errors, depreciation, bank reconciliations, and various types of corporations.

Introduction to Marketing

This course explores key marketing concepts and shows you how they apply to today’s business practices. The course covers the essential knowledge and techniques managers need to compete successfully, whether in large companies or small businesses, profit-oriented firms or not-for-profit organizations. Topics include customer-oriented marketing strategies, buyers and markets, target market selection, and the marketing variables of products (and services), price, promotion, and distribution.

Information Management

In this course, students will evaluate the role of information systems (IS) in the organization. They will examine the alignment of business processes and IS, including how the development of IS aids the decision-making process. In addition, students will discuss the evolution and challenges of the IS professional.

Human Resources Management

This course serves as an introductory course in human resources management (HRM) with a particular emphasis on the disciplines used by business professionals. Using the Employee Life Cycle as a framework, the class will explore the historical evolution and philosophical foundations of the field as well as examine the current practices that are being used to support human resources in the workplace. Future HRM challenges will be examined and the emerging concept of strategic HRM will be highlighted.

Prerequisite: BAD100

Campuses Available

Admission Requirements

High school diploma or a recognized equivalent.

Possible Employment Opportunities *

  • Office Clerks, General
  • Executive Assistant
  • Data Entry Clerk
  • Administrative/Office Assistant

*These examples are intended to serve only as a general guide of possible employment opportunities. There are many factors that determine the job an individual may obtain, and Florida Technical College cannot guarantee its graduates any particular job. Program availability varies by campus.

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