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Stay Ahead of the Career Path Curve: Jobs of the Future

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The ubiquitous nature of computers and information technology has only emphasized the need for more information technology specialists. To call it a job of the future would be an injustice to the significance IT has in our current day and age. Bank records, cell phone logs, and the ever-expanding realm of social media all have the common element of computers. It is an area in the job sector that has experienced rapid development, and which is only projected to grow more. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Information Security Analyst occupation is projected to grow 36.5% in the decade ranging from 2012-2022. That type of job growth demands for skilled workers. This tall task is one that the faculty and staff at Florida Technical College are happy to meet.


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With campuses spread out across multiple Florida cities, the Florida Technical College is adept at helping their students reach their career goals. The Orlando campus is prepared to help you learn Information Technology Networking, Web Design, and Programming.

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