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The Complete guide to Patient Care Technician Training

Posted on September 17th, 2016 by Florida Technical College

Ready to find a career and not just another job? This guide to patient care technician training will give you all the details you need to know to jump into this program. Patient care technicians are valuable healthcare professionals. Employed in hospitals, medical labs, physician offices, extended care facilities – these skilled individuals specialize in patient care.  From specimen collection to assisting patients with eating, a patient care technician performs a wide range of duties. In fact, these professionals are some of the most important healthcare workers today. If you’ve ever considered pursuing a career where you have the opportunity to help others daily, here is what you need to know about becoming a patient care technician.  Day in the life of a patient care technician Although patient care technicians rarely experience the same day twice, there are some common situations these professionals encounter on a daily basis. For example, regardless of the place of employment, patient care technicians can expect to tend to ill and injured individuals. After all, patient care technicians are primarily focused on patient care. Which means that you can expect to assist sick and injured individuals on a daily basis. It is common for patient care technicians to take vital signs, perform catheterization, maintain patient hygiene, assist with eating, and much more. Although specific job duties can vary by position and location, one-thing most patient care technicians have in common is helping people. Whether they are working in an emergency room or nursing home, they are focused on aiding others. So if you’re someone who finds joy in helping others, it is likely you will find a career in patient career to be rewarding. What does Patient Care Technician training entail? If you’re interested in a career as a patient care technician, you may be wondering what the requirements are. After all, what does it take to begin a career in this field? Luckily, you’ve come to the right place! In order to become a PCT or patient care technician, you will need to have a high school diploma as well as complete a training program. Training programs will vary by state and location. However, you can expect to learn the cognitive, psychomotor, and behavioral skills necessary to enter this health career. Often, these training programs can be completed in less than one year. Which means that you can get your new career started as a patient care technician in next to no time! Individuals enrolled in FTC’s Patient Care Technician Diploma Program will complete 160 hours of practical experience in a real medical setting. During this course of study, students are taught how to perform vital tasks such as drawing blood, preparing patients for examination, performing electrocardiography (EKGs) and much more! Our PCT program equips students with the tools and resources necessary for success. After completing the training program, you will then be able to become a certified patient care technician/assistant (CPCT/A) by passing an exam. Once you’ve landed a position in this field, you can also expect on-the-job training to take place.   Preparing for your certification Now that you understand more about the training requirements to become a patient care technician, you may be curious about how to best prepare.  Step 1 : Enroll in a quality-training First and foremost, enroll in a quality-training program. Although you may run across several programs, not all PCT training programs are created equally. Look for an accredited program to ensure you are receiving a quality education. After all, one of the most important things you can do when preparing for certification is to learn the tools of the trade. And that starts with your education. Step 2 :Next, you will also want to make sure to review the information before the examination. While you may know the material, it’s important you have a thorough understanding of the information in order to successfully pass the examination requirements. If possible, prepare for certification by studying with other people. Studying with a group can be a great way to learn the material while also building connections with your peers! I have my Patient Care Technician Certification, now what? Receiving your certification as a patient care technician is a rewarding moment. But its only one piece of the puzzle – you’re also going to need to find employment in your new career. While being a certified patient care technician is fantastic, finding a job can be just as important. Curious how to prepare? To maximize your success, it is important that you are prepared and ready to apply for jobs. While you may possess the necessary requirements, it is crucial to show employers why you are the right person for the job. This means you will need to plan ahead. Prepare your resume and cover letter in advance. If you need assistance, be sure to take advantage of any resume resources available through your training program. Also, have someone else read over your resume and cover letter for a final review if possible. It is easy to make a mistake. By having someone else review your work; you’ll be less likely to make a costly error. In addition, you will also want to find professional clothing. While you do not need to spend a fortune on a business wardrobe, you will need to wear business professional clothing for your interview. Remember, you only have one chance to make a great first impression.   Job prospects for Patient Care Technicians in Florida. Looking to find employment in the Sunshine State? Florida is known for it’s beaches, partying and the many residents that come here to retire. If you’re considering starting your career here, rest assured, there are few places like Florida. In fact, if there is one thing you should know about working as a patient care technician in Florida, its that type of jobs available vary widely. With its diverse and growing cities, Florida is home to a wide range of medical facilities. From large hospitals to senior living… Continue Reading The Complete guide to Patient Care Technician Training

Patient Care Technician vs. Medical Assisting

Posted on April 29th, 2016 by Florida Technical College

How Being a Patient Care Technician is Different from Medical Assisting  If you’re looking for a career in health care, and you want to get into that new position as soon as possible, a diploma from patient care technician schools like Florida Technical College may be just what you need. In reading about your health care career options you may be confused to see that there are programs and job descriptions for both patient care technicians and medical assistants. What’s the difference? Both of these are exciting careers you can get into with the hands-on training of a diploma program, but the day-to-day work and responsibilities are very different. Patient Care Technicians Work Directly with Patients The job duties of a medical assistant are diverse. They work with patients; they may do lab work; they also do office work and man the phones and patient records. Patient care technicians, on the other hand, only work side by side with nurses and doctors to directly care for patients. They may do some medical assisting work like inserting catheters or taking vital signs, but they are mostly responsible for just helping patients feel comfortable, making sure they can eat and helping them stay clean and take care of hygiene. Patient Care Technicians Do Not Do Administrative Work  The work of a patient care technician is always with the patients, unlike a medical assistant who may be expected to do filing, update patient records, and do other office duties. Patient care technician schools do not focus on these kinds of office skills because the work of a patient care tech is all about patients and their immediate needs, not the administrative needs of the office. Educational Requirements May Be Less for a Patient Care Technician While patient care technician schools like FTC offer diploma programs for both types of health care workers, many employees require more education and training for medical assistants. Regardless of which career path you choose, getting hands-on training is crucial to being able to do the job well and take care of patients. Every Day as a Patient Care Technician is Different As a patient care technician, your main responsibility is to care for your patients. This means that on any given day your duties depend on what they need. One day may involve helping a new patient get situated and adjusted to a long stay, while the next you may be helping to transport your patients to physical therapy and making sure their rooms are clean for their return. Both of these health careers are rewarding and interesting, but only patient care is totally focused on the needs of patients. If you want to be directly involved, every day, in making people feel better, this could be the career of your dreams. To get ready to find the right position, check out patient care technician schools like FTC. Contact us today to find out more about the diploma program that will give you the skills and credentials you need to land your first health care job.   RELATED ARTICLES: What it Means to Be a Patient Care Technician – Part 1 What it Means to Be a Patient Care Technician – Part 2

What it Means to Be a Patient Care Technician, Part 2

Posted on February 20th, 2016 by Florida Technical College

What it Means to Be a Patient Care Technician: Working toward a Better Lifestyle In Part 1 of this series on what it means to be a patient care technician, we showed you just how meaningful this health care career can be. What you also get as a patient care technician is a better lifestyle and the chance to have a real balance between your work and your personal life. If you’re ready to find that balance and enjoy life more, find out how a career in patient care can get you there: Choose your working hours.  In your current job you probably have little control over when you work. With a career as a patient care technician you can expect to have more flexibility. Careers in patient care are growing all the time, faster than average, which means that you have choices. You can choose from a job with night shifts, a nine-to-five schedule, or evenings and weekends. The most important thing is that you finally have the options so you can create a work schedule that is right for you. Work part time or full time. Among all of your choices for working in patient care is the option to work part time or full time. If you want to take some time off to pursue other interests, but still need to earn money, a part time career in patient care could work for you. Because trained workers in this field are so in demand, you have the flexibility to choose how you work and how much free time you get. Earn a better income. When you get out of your dead-end, minimum-wage job and start working in patient care, you will be earning more money. With more income comes greater freedom. Imagine being able to pay off debt, take your family on a vacation, or even just not worrying about money all the time. Spend more time with family. In your current job you probably don’t have the flexibility to choose your own work hours or you may even be pressured to work over time. Quality time with family naturally suffers. With a career as a patient care technician, getting more time to spend with your family is easy. Be there when the kids leave for school or when they get home. Be there to take them to the park in the evenings or to go on weekend trips. Train as a patient care technician on your schedule. Training through our patient care technician program is achievable for anyone. We have flexible class schedules that allow you to train and learn while still taking care of your family and holding down a job. We also offer financial aid assistance, so you can make your dream a reality. Becoming a patient care technician means you can have a better life. You can take back control of how and when you work. You can spend more time with family. And, you can earn more money and get the freedom that comes with a better income. Get started today and find out more about FTC’s Patient Care Technician Program.   RELATED ARTICLE : What it Means to Be a Patient Care Technician – Part 1  

What it Means to Be a Patient Care Technician, Part 1

Posted on February 20th, 2016 by Florida Technical College

What it Means to Be a Patient Care Technician: A Meaningful Career   Did you know that you can train to be a patient care technician in less than two years? Through Florida Technical College and the Patient Care Technician Diploma Program you can take the coursework and get the hands-on experiences you need to be a nursing assistant, a phlebotomist, a health technician, or even a home health aide. Maybe you’re not really sure what it means to be a patient care technician, but if you are interested in a new career, you enjoy working with people, and you want more than just a job, it’s time to learn more. Find out how being a patient care technician means enjoying a career with meaning: Work with people every day. A lot of modern jobs require you to sit in front of a computer or stand in a factory-line setting and just churn out work. It’s only natural to connect with other people, but in these kinds of jobs you lose that connection. In patient-focused careers, the opposite is true. You actually get to connect with, talk to, and work with people every single day. Loneliness in your work will be a thing of the past. Help people feel better. As opposed to some other medical careers, like medical assisting or billing, a career in patient care is truly focused on the patients and helping them to feel better. Your work as a patient care technician will include helping patients do all the little things that make them feel more comfortable, like bathing, walking, and eating. Be important to other people. Healthy people take these small things for granted, but for those who are ill or disabled, having someone to help and comfort them is important. Your daily duties to your patients will make you a hero in their eyes, someone on whom they will rely and enjoy seeing day after day. Develop relationships. Most patient care technicians work in hospitals, assisted-living facilities, and other long-term care facilities. This means that you get to work with patients over a long period of time and develop real and meaningful relationships with them. These aren’t just numbered patients coming in and out each day. They are real people and you will have the chance to get to know them on a deeper level. Finally have more than just a job. If you’re tired of having just a job, somewhere to punch the clock and earn a basic living, then working as a patient care technician is a great opportunity. Working in health care gives you the chance to have a meaningful career, but also to advance, to learn more, and to move into more lucrative and challenging positions. If a meaningful career is important to you, find out more about FTC’s Patient Care Technician program. We can offer you the hands-on training you need to get your foot in the door. And look for Part 2 in this series to find out how working as a patient care technician will help you achieve the kind of lifestyle you always dreamed of having.   RELATED ARTICLES : What it Means to Be a Patient Care Technician – Part 2 Patient Care Technician vs. Medical Assisting