Do you want the skills needed to manage an effective team, analyze and correct business decisions, and provide opportunities for success with future ventures? Obtaining these skills will help put you in leadership positions where you can inspire others and change lives. A degree in Business Entrepreneurship, Management, and Marketing can help you achieve this goal.


Business Entrepreneurship, Management, and Marketing

The bachelor’s degree program in Business-Entrepreneurship, Management, and Marketing is comprised of a combination of courses that provide skills in areas such as, capital planning, strategic management, leadership, organizational behavior, and internet marketing.

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The best way to see if going back to school and training for a career in business is right for you is to visit the FTC campus nearest you. You can tour our labs and meet with our instructors who work in this field.

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Business Entrepreneurship,
Management, and Marketing
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Business Entrepeneurship, Management and Marketing

Cutlery Bay Available in Cutlery Bay
DeLand Available in DeLand
Kissimmee Available in Kissimmee
Lakeland Available in Lakeland
Orlando Available in Orlando
Pembroke Pines Available in Pembroke Pines
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