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Florida Technical College has been serving the needs of students for over 40 years.

FTC is now an academic unit of NUC University.

NUC now has a combined total of 15 campuses and 20,000 students in Florida and Puerto Rico.

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How Do I Start Learning Cybersecurity?

In a world of escalating digital threats, cybersecurity serves as our protective shield. This rapidly evolving field, which spans from network security to administrative aspects such as policy creation and project management, has become a hub of learning and professional opportunities. As it evolves, so will you. So, what does a cybersecurity professional do? What Does a Cybersecurity Professional Do?   Cybersecurity professionals plan and carry out security measures to protect an organization’s computer networks…

What Is Required to Become a Medical Assistant?

Embarking on a new career path is exciting, but it’s important to move forward with your eyes open. That means gathering as much information as possible about your chosen field including education requirements. Some training programs have a long and frustrating list of academic requirements that are barriers to enrollment. But if you’re interested in medical assisting, you’re in for a pleasant surprise.   What Is Required to Become a Medical Assistant?    Higher education…