FTC, has been serving the needs of students for over 35 years.

FTC is now an academic unit of National University College.

NUC now has a combined total of 28 campuses and 20,000 students in Puerto Rico and Florida.

News & Articles

COVID 19 Impact On Central Florida Students and Parents

With the Florida Department of Education extending school closures through at least April 30th, many families across Central Florida are facing a challenging new normal brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Until recently, we may not have understood the full scope our schools play in our daily lives. The fact is, our schools provide a wealth of services that are currently not available for many students and their families. Even in a crisis of this…

14 Essential Electrician Tools for Service Technicians

Electricians rely on their tools for areas like safety, accuracy, craftsmanship, and comfort. Generally, you will see your electrician with an electrical tool kit. Assembling and maintaining this tool kit with the proper tools and gear is a key responsibility for an electrician. Every job you go to can require different electrical components and making sure you have the right tools in your kit is essential. Here are 14 common tools you will find in…