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Career Services Assistance for All Students & Graduates

The FTC Career Services Mission: To provide career guidance and employability skills training to our future graduates so they can effectively demonstrate their skills to employers and secure long-term and fulfilling careers.

Specialized Career Training + Professional Support

At Florida Technical College, we believe that the best defense against unemployment is specialized career training + professional support. One of the most valuable services provided by Florida Technical College is career assistance for all students and graduates. This is a big part of the FTC family tradition. The purpose of this service is to prepare future graduates to enter the job market in their field of study. One of the many services we offer includes job search workshops on networking, effective job search, resume writing, and mock interviews. The career services team stays current with employment and industry trends by constantly seeking feedback from employers and researching labor market information.

Career Services Graduates/Alumni

Ready to move from the classroom to a career? Florida Technical College is here to help.

Our new tool, the Career Services Online Center, is available now! For direct access to your career services representatives, to search for jobs, build your resume, practice interviews, and much more.

FTC Employers

Gain direct access to Career Services, to post potential job and internship opportunities for FTC students and graduates.

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Why not schedule a time to meet with a financial aid advisor at Florida Technical College to see what scholarships, bursaries, grants and/or other funding options may be available to you? Mail to or call the FTC campus nearest you to contact a Florida Technical College financial aid advisor and ask about coming in for a financial aid consultation.

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