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What are the Latest Trends in Beauty and Wellness?

What are the latest trends in beauty and wellness? “Healthy” and “natural” are the two big beauty goals most people have today. While people want polished hair and skin, they don’t necessarily want to look overdone. As anyone who has tried to follow beauty trends knows, obtaining a natural, effortless look often takes the most work. That’s why people are increasingly turning to professional cosmetologists to help them get the fresh looks they want. 

When it comes to hair trends, people are creating looser, customized versions of looks that have been popular over the years. While many popular styles look effortless, they’re only possible with the correct baseline cut. If you’re thinking about going to cosmetology school because you want to work in a salon or spa, keeping up with trends is essential. Here’s a guide to the biggest hair trends of today. 

Trend #1: The “Messy” Haircut

The messy haircut uses customized face-framing layers to increase volume without creating an overdone look. Face-framing layers create an incredibly flattering look for all face shapes. That’s why this look has become highly requested at salons worldwide. 

While this style may give off the appearance that a person has carefree, random layers in their hair, the truth is that a messy haircut requires meticulous planning and execution. A hairdresser will plan every shaggy snip and choppy layer to flatter the client’s face. When done correctly, the messy haircut with face-framing layers will leave loose pieces of hair around the front of the face to create volume at the top of the head. 

Trend #2 The Untethered Bob

While the bob never entirely left the beauty scene, this short haircut is currently in high demand. This time around, it’s all about the bob with shaggy bangs. For people who want to do a more glamorous take on the bob, a look called the soft-curved bob that combines the modern sensibilities of the bob with soft ends, flattering curves, and a deep side part that calls back to vintage Hollywood is becoming a popular option. Of course, the stakes are high with this cut because every single strand is simply more visible when you’re creating a focal point that goes from forehead to chin. This is why many people embracing the bob choose salon appointments instead of do-it-yourself cuts.

Trend #3: Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs offer a softer, more flattering look than straight-across bangs that can evoke strong feelings of either love or hate. Like curtains draping a window, curtain bangs flatter the cheekbones and eyes by creating softness and allure around the face. There’s so much versatility with curtain bangs. While some people like to frame their brows with these bangs, others like to use them to accentuate the cheekbones. 

Trend #4: The Modern Mullet

Yes, you read that correctly! The mullet was never given a fair shake. With help from some adventurous leading men, the mullet has been embraced by Hollywood this year. The ratty mullet of the past has been replaced by a subtle, carefully trimmed mullet that allows men to enjoy a little bit of length in the back while still displaying a dapper, professional look. It’s all about the details when pulling off the modern mullet. While the trademark features of a longer back, shorter sides, and fuller top are all still intact, this newer mullet allows for customization. For example, some men prefer to go with extra-short sides to help accentuate the back without needing lots of length. Others are adding a subtle undercut to the back to keep it tamed. 

Trend #5: The Girly Mullet

Billie Eilish, Miley Cyrus, and Rihanna are just some of the superstars who have helped to popularize the girly mullet. While the female mullet makes the rounds every few years, the look has a new spin this time around. The trademark short fringe that’s balanced by short sides that straddle a long, wispy back has been replaced by a softer, more relaxed look that has gradual layers. While the choppy fringe remains intact, the current mullet trend offers shaggier sides that ease into a longer back. What’s more, the shaggier quality of the updated girly mullet provides much more room for personalization. 

Trend #6: The Center Part

The center part was a staple of 90s teen heartthrobs. Most people associate the center part with Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Leonardo DiCaprio, and the Hanson brothers. With 90s nostalgia being so big right now, it was only a matter of time before the center part retook center stage. This year, Timothée Chalamet is one of many stars spotted sporting the center part. Of course, an excellent middle part starts with a good cut. Like the curtain bangs that are popular right now, a center part requires perfectly planned cuts that fall at just the right spots to accentuate the eyes.

Trend #7: Preppy Hair Accessories

TikTok has helped to birth a trend called the preppy-girl look that has clients racing to salons to get the perfect hair for holding up glamorous barrettes, clips, bows, and more. Preppy hair isn’t just one look. It’s defined by ballerina buns, sleek side parts, and braids woven with ribbons. While many preppy looks can be done at home, this hairstyle does require a good baseline. People interested in pulling off these looks want help getting ultra-healthy, ultra-shiny hair in to easily pull off these looks.

Trend #8: Buttercream Hair

Buttercream hair refers to a hair color that looks like sugary, whipped vanilla frosting. It represents the lightest shade of gold you can possibly go with. Think of it as the anti-brassy blonde. While many stars are showing off buttercream tresses these days, the look is inspired mainly by Anya Taylor-Joy. With buttercream-colored hair requiring maintenance every few weeks, this trend keeps stylists busy.

Beyond Hair: Here Are Some Other Trends in Health and Beauty

While most cosmetologists specialize in hair, an increasing number are branching out to be full-service cosmetologists. With the proper training, professional cosmetologists can provide a wide range of services appealing to various clients. Here’s a glance at the latest beauty and wellness trends being requested at spas and salons nationwide.

Facials with Microdermabrasion

While only some people who are in pursuit of perfect skin are quite ready to book an appointment with a plastic surgeon, more people are seeking out professional facials at spas that include microdermabrasion. A gentle alternative to harsh chemical peels or lasers, microdermabrasion is an intensive exfoliation procedure that sloughs off dead skin to increase cellular regeneration and collagen production to produce soft “baby” skin. In addition to getting rid of old skin, microdermabrasion also makes it easier for revitalizing serums to penetrate the skin. The benefit is that it can be done in a spa without any worries about scarring or downtime.

Creams with Retinol

People chasing beautiful skin are increasingly turning to spas and beauty salons for high-level moisturizing products and serums that contain a form of vitamin A called retinol, which plays a crucial role in helping cells regenerate. Products with retinol can help to turn back the clock by smoothing wrinkles and fine lines, combating imperfections caused by acne, and leaving skin supple. Retinol is a highly researched ingredient in beauty products that creates proven, noticeable results. 

How Do You Become a Beauty and Wellness Professional?

Are you eager to get to the forefront of the beauty and wellness trends for hair, skin, nails, and beyond? Training as a professional cosmetologist is a gateway to the beauty and wellness industry. Of course, you may be curious about how to go from simply being interested in beauty trends to becoming a licensed professional capable of performing in-demand services. To do this, it’s necessary to graduate from an accredited cosmetology program. 

A cosmetology program offers the intensive, hands-on training you need to work in this industry. After graduation, you’ll be ready to take the state licensing exam, allowing you to legally work as a hairdresser. You can then work at a salon or spa, attract your freelance clients, or open your salon. 

Cosmetology Diploma Program

The Cosmetology Diploma Program offers the Florida Technical College student the opportunity to acquire and practice the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to gain an entry-level job in the cosmetology field. Cosmetology school students receive theory and practical experience in hair, skin, and nail care. The cosmetology training program is designed to prepare graduates for Florida Licensure in Cosmetology.

Ready to move from the classroom to a career? Florida Technical College is here to help. Contact us to learn more about completing a Cosmetology diploma program at Florida Technical College.

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