Bachelor of Science Degree in Construction Management


Program Description

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Construction Management program prepares the students to develop a career as Construction Managers. Students will be able to manage, supervise, direct, and inspect construction sites and other facilities. Students will examine the importance of safety on site, prevention, personnel management, and investigation of accidents in diverse facilities. Florida Technical College students will analyze and debate the building construction laws and regulations. In addition, they will demonstrate knowledge of effective communication, project management, scheduling, and logistics.

Possible Employment Opportunities*

  • Construction Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Project Supervisor

Credential Earned

Bachelor of Science Degree in Construction Management

Related Certifications & Credentials

  • LEED Green Associate
  • OSHA 10

Duration Of The Program

Admission Requirements

Students must transfer in credits from construction trades diploma or degree program and meet completion requirements. Students must successfully complete 184-215 credits in order to qualify for graduation. (See Additional Admissions Requirements and Graduation Requirements sections for more information.)

36 - 39 months | 184 - 215 quarter credits
Upper Level - 16 courses
Concentration Track - 12-15 courses
General Education - 8 courses

Core Courses

Introduction to Computer Operations

This course provides students a survey of computers and information processing and their roles in society. It will introduce a historical perspective of computing, hardware, software, information systems, and human resources and explores their integration and application in business and other segments of society. Florida Technical College students will be required to complete lab assignments using the PC’s operating system, and several commonly used applications, such as word processors, Internet browsers and search engines, spreadsheets and graphics presentations applications.

Accounting I Lecture/Lab

This course will provide students with the knowledge of analyzing, classifying, and recording business transactions in both manual and computerized environments. Emphasis is placed on understanding the complete accounting cycle and preparing financial statements, bank reconciliations, and payroll. Florida Technical College students will define accounting terminology; analyze and record business transactions in a manual and computerized environment; complete the accounting cycle, prepare financial statements; and apply accounting concepts related to cash and payroll.

Prerequisite: MAT1010

Business Management Lecture/Lab

This business management course includes an introductory discussion in the following areas: the economic setting of business, the structure of business, business financing, management, ethical and social responsibilities of business, marketing and physical distribution of goods and services. The areas discussed in this course serve as the basic foundations for more specialized courses in business.

Human Resource Management

This HR management course serves as an introductory course in human resources management (HRM) with a particular emphasis on the disciplines used by business professionals. Using the Employee Life Cycle as a framework, the class will explore the historical evolution and philosophical foundations of the field as well as examine the current practices that are being used to support human resources in the workplace. Future HRM challenges will be examined and the emerging concept of strategic HRM will be highlighted.

Engineering Graphics-Drawing

In this construction management course, Florida Technical College students will be introduced to construction documents in graphic and written forms such as blueprints and drawings. Students will develop the skills needed to graphically communicate and interpret working drawings including architectural and structural details in a construction project.

Construction Site Management

This construction management course provides Florida Technical College students with an introduction to construction management and supervision.  Students will learn the process of managing a construction project and will explain the fundamentals of the project management process.    In addition, students will identify the personnel development skills needed such as team building, communication, conflict management, leadership, motivation, decision-making, and negotiation.

Building Foundations

This construction management course will provide the skills necessary to understand how various foundation materials and construction methods associated with site construction, concrete, masonry, metals and wood, and plastics affect the construction budget, and longevity and maintenance of a building.  New materials and methods are introduced and to existing products and methods.  The major focus will be emphasizing proper installation procedures and processes from a builder’s perspective.

Building Frameworks

This construction management course will provide the skills necessary to examine how various materials and construction methods associated with the following construction areas: thermal and moisture protection; doors and windows, interior finishes; specialties and equipment; electrical; and mechanical.  New industry products and procedures are compared and contrasted with existing materials and methods.  The major focus is from a builder’s perspective emphasizing proper installation procedures and processes.

Building Cost & Estimating

This construction management course teaches the principles and current practices employed in estimating construction-building costs. Learners will prepare material lists, take off quantities of materials and labor hours from working drawings and specifications. Project cost estimates are created in the classroom and lab setting.

Prerequisite: BCM2000

Operations Management

In this construction management course, Florida Technical College students will examine the theories, concepts, and strategies used in operations management. They will analyze important aspects of the operations management decision-making process, including process and plant layout, quality, inventory, and supply chain management. Furthermore, students will apply managerial processes for effective operations in both goods producing and service rendering organizations.

Prerequisite:  BUS2230

Construction Risk & Financial Management

This construction management course shows the relationship between managing risks and financial aspects of construction projects. Florida Technical College students will examine importance of balancing time, construction costs, capital requirements, bonding and insurance to reduce the occurrence and consequences of risk. In addition, students will apply financial management strategies from funding sources, estimating, budgeting and cost control strategies and methods.

Prerequisite:  BCM2000

Construction Performance & Quality Assurance

In this construction management course, students will learn the concept of quality control during design and construction.  Florida Technical College students will draft and develop a master quality plan for a construction project to include quality control steps and inspections throughout the construction process in order to reduce or eliminate risks and ensure the project is completed successfully throughout all states of the construction.

Prerequisite:  BCM2000

Contracts & Procurement

This construction management course examines the construction contracting practices and the basic elements of the design to bid to build the process.  Florida Technical College students will review the relationship between all involved in the process of procurement, the role of the suppliers, subcontractors, general contractors, and construction management. Students will learn strategies to influence collaborative trust in the construction industry throughout the procurement process.

Prerequisite:  BCM2400

Labor Relations Lecture/Lab

In this construction management course, students will examine the different processes unions and employers develop within the work environment. They will examine the history of organized labor in the United States, the negotiation process, the collective bargaining agreement and how it is administered. In addition, Florida Technical College students will assess bargaining issues and the possible effect on the labor relations process.

Prerequisite:  HRM200

Building Construction Law & Regulations

This construction management course will provide the foundation for Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations and building codes and the latest LEED Certification requirements.  Florida Technical College students will research state and local laws and regulations applicable to the building constructions contract; describe specifications, codes, contractual formats, letters and forms used throughout the construction life cycle.  The focus is on Florida residential and commercial building standards, developing procedures, and the performance of sample checks on code compliance.  Students will learn administrative functions to run a construction project effectively, delivering projects on time and within budget.

Prerequisite:  BCM3000

Project Management, Scheduling & Logistics

This construction management course provides an overview of project management, scheduling and planning skills necessary to deliver a construction project within budget and on time.  Florida Technical College student will apply project management steps considering applicable laws and construction contractions, documents, specifications, building codes and regulations.  Various roles and responsibilities of the stakeholders of the project will be discussed including emerging technologies in sustainability and green design.  Students will apply the skills learned and combine the scheduling, logistics and personnel management skills learned throughout the program.

Prerequisite: All prior BCM Courses

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Admission Requirements

  • High School Diploma or a recognized equivalent.
  • A student must first successfully complete a construction trades (Electrical, Electrical with PLC, Heating Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC/R), HVAC with PLC, Welding, or other) Diploma or higher, from either FTC or another accredited institution, as a prerequisite for enrolling in the Bachelor of Science in Construction Management program.

Possible Employment Opportunities*

  • Construction Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Project Supervisor

*These examples are intended to serve only as a general guide of possible employment opportunities. There are many factors that determine the job an individual may obtain, and Florida Technical College cannot guarantee its graduates any particular job. Program availability varies by campus.

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