AdventHealth, Florida Technical College, Plaza del Sol and the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Host Event to Increase Vaccination of Hispanics

Walk-ins welcome on Friday, June 11. Appointments are prioritized!

COVID-19 Vaccine Program

COVID-19 Vaccine Program

AdventHealth and Florida Technical College are providing a COVID-19 vaccine opportunity for Central Florida residents age 12 and older

Date: Friday, June 11

Time: 8 AM to 12 PM

Location: Plaza del Sol Mall, 3831 W Vine St, Kissimmee, FL 34741

Please note: This event takes place inside of Plaza del Sol Mall

We encourage anyone who meets the eligibility requirements to register immediately as a select number of appointments have opened and vaccine supplies are limited.

A parent or guardian MUST accompany those under age 18 to the vaccination site at Florida Technical College to give consent for them to receive the vaccine.

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Important Items to Note:

            •          There is no out-of-pocket cost for receiving the vaccine.

            •          Proof of eligibility is required upon registration.

            •          Those under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

            •          The Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine requires two doses, and those who receive their first vaccine will be asked to schedule their second vaccine appointment.

            •          As part of the vaccine process, those receiving the vaccine will be required to stay on-site for at least 15 minutes for observation. Most reported side effects are mild and include arm soreness, fatigue and headache. AdventHealth medical professionals will be standing by.

Please also note, the vaccine is not currently available to the public at any AdventHealth Centra Care locations or AdventHealth Medical Group practices.

For more information, please visit the AdventHealth Coronavirus Vaccine Resource Hub.

Coronavirus Vaccine  Frequently Asked Questions 

You can find these FAQ and more resources by visiting the AdventHealth coronavirus vaccine resource hub

Is the vaccine safe? What if I’m immunocompromised, have a chronic condition, am pregnant or breastfeeding:

The vaccine has been determined to be safe according to federal guidelines and review by our internal Scientific Committee. Vaccine safety is determined based on when a patient experiences a negative effect after receiving the dose. If there are too many or severe effects during the trial, the vaccine is terminated. By the time a vaccine reaches consumers, the risk of a negative outcome is very low.

There's only a small amount of experience in the clinical trials of the vaccines regarding its use in pregnant or nursing mothers. However, the American Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology has endorsed use of the vaccine in these situations. If you have questions, we recommend contacting your provider directly so he/she can better answer this question based on your medical history.


Is the vaccine 100% effective? Am I guaranteed I won’t get COVID-19 if I have the vaccine?

While the approved COVID-19 vaccines have been determined to be effective by federal guidelines, there's no way to guarantee someone will not contract the virus. Just like it's not guaranteed you won't get the flu after receiving the flu shot, the same is true for the COVID-19 vaccine.

Those who have already had COVID-19 may not have long lasting immunity from the virus and therefore should receive the vaccine. However, we encourage speaking with your physician, as he or she can provide you with a personalized recommendation.

How quickly does the vaccine immunity take effect?

Vaccine immunity will take effect two weeks after you receive your second dose.

I already had COVID-19. Do I still need to get the vaccine?

Yes, you'll want to get the vaccine since re-infection is possible over time. At this time, experts don’t know how long you could be protected after recovering from COVID-19, and getting the vaccine will help prevent re-infection.


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