Baking and Pastry


Program Description

The Baking and Pastry Diploma Program offers students the theoretical and practical knowledge required to work in the industry. Florida Technical College students will learn to create, prepare, and attractively present a variety of stand-alone desserts, bread-based products, and common or special baking recipes, pastries, and sweets.

Possible Employment Opportunities *

  • Bakers
  • Baked goods production prep technician
  • Bread Maker
  • Production Technician
  • Pastry Maker
  • Catering Food Service
  • Bakery owner and operator

Credential Earned

Baking and Pastry Diploma

Related Certifications

  • ServSafe® Food Manager
  • ServSafe® Food Allergens

Duration of the Baking & Pastry Program

12 Months | 71 Quarter Credits
Total Contact Hours: 1005
Lecture Hours: 460
Lab Hours: 420
Externship Hours: 125

Core Courses

Cuisine, Culture & Kitchen Organization

In this culinary arts course, students will examine the food service industry, gastronomic history, and basic cooking terminology. They will analyze the fundamentals of the kitchen’s organizational structure, equipment and utensils used in foodservice operations, basic ingredients, and their applications. They will also assess the importance of mise en place, food classification, and French cuisine, and their influence in the food service industry.

Sanitation & Allergens

In this culinary arts course, students will analyze basic principles of sanitation, safe food handling, and workplace safety as they relate to the flow of food in foodservice operations. They will also examine potentially harmful allergens and foodborne pathogens that can be the result of cross-contamination. Additionally, students will demonstrate knowledge of food safety regulations and standards, including prevention of workplace hazards and staff training.

Food & Beverage Inventory/Cost Control with Math

In this culinary arts course, students will explore a variety of mathematical operations. They will also assess mathematical formulas and their applications within the food service industry. Furthermore, they will analyze procedures and systems used to keep the costs of food and beverages, labor, and operations at acceptable levels.

Facility Menu Planning, Nutrition & Development

In thisculinary arts course, students will demonstrate mastery of nutrition fundamentals, recipe transformations, nutrition in menu planning, special requests from clients, sales, and marketing. They will create nutritious and balanced menu plans as well as market surveys. In addition, students will examine the fundamentals of menu planning for all ages, the components of weight management programs, and the evolution of menu design and menu types in relation to the current trends in the industry. Furthermore, students will practice acquired skills by completing practical lab exercises.

Prerequisite: HCUL1115

Hospitality Supervision & Management

In this culinary arts course, students will examine the primary roles and legal responsibilities of all supervisory, managerial, and human resource staff members within the realm of foodservice operations. Students will also analyze those strategies essential for effective employee recruitment and evaluation within this context. Furthermore, students will explore the key leadership roles of a manager as they relate to team building.

Prerequisite: HCUL1115

Introduction to Baking

In this culinary arts course, students will examine the fundamental principles of baking as they relate to occupational and industry terminology, product and ingredient identification, equipment, and elaboration processes. They will demonstrate safety and hygiene measures during baking and pastry making. Furthermore, students will practice the preparation of quick breads, cookies, pies, tarts, and plated desserts, along with piping techniques and basic knife cuts performed in the industry.

Prerequisite: CUL1121

Chocolate Confections

In this culinary arts course, students will evaluate the process of chocolate production. In addition, students will develop skills related to the elaboration of different chocolate candies. They will create sculptures and centerpieces using chocolate.

Prerequisite: BKP1103

Advanced Baking, Pasteles, and Panes

In this culinary arts course, students will examine baking procedures related to the preparation of lean and enriched breads, such as baguettes, fougasse, boules (round loaves), pain d’épi (wheat stalk bread), sponge doughs, cinnamon rolls, milk bread, challah bread, pretzels, and bagels. Also, students will compare laminated dough products, particularly puff pastry dough, croissant dough, and Danish dough. Additionally, they will analyze healthy dessert recipes for special diets.

Prerequisite: BKP1103

Baking & Pastry Lab

In this culinary arts course, students will analyze the necessary skills regarding plated desserts preparation for restaurants and hotels. Also, students will create fillings and creams for various pastry products with different sauces and garnishes. In addition, they will apply the bain-marie method in the custards and hot desserts creation.

Cake Decoration

In this culinary arts course, students will use buttercream, fondant, and gum paste in the cake decoration process. Also, they will apply the proper techniques in the production of single-layer and multi-layer cakes. Furthermore, they will produce a special occasion cake.

Prerequisite: BKP1103

Sugar Arts & Confections

In this culinary arts course, students will examine the fundamentals necessary for the creation of various confections and edible sculptures with sugar or isomalt as the main ingredient. They will prepare candies by employing methods of lamination, aeration, caramelization, or gelatinization. In addition, they will create sculptures and centerpieces using casted sugar and the pulled sugar method. Furthermore, students will be able to practice the skills acquired by completing practical lab exercises.

Baking Externship

In this culinary arts course, students will apply skills related to baking and pastry in the food service and hospitality industry. They will also practice baking and decorating techniques in an approved commercial food service and hospitality establishment. Moreover, students will demonstrate professionalism in the workplace during the practical baking experience.

Prerequisite: All Previous Program Courses

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Campuses Available

Admission Requirements

High school diploma or a recognized equivalent.

Possible Employment Opportunities *

  • Bakers
  • Bakery Clerk
  • Bread Makers
  • Production Technicians
  • Pastry Makers or other related position in Culinary
  • Hospitality
  • Catering Food service
  • Manage or operate their own baking service

*These examples are intended to serve only as a general guide of possible employment opportunities. There are many factors that determine the job an individual may obtain, and Florida Technical College cannot guarantee its graduates any particular job.Some positions may require license or other certifications. We encourage you to research the requirements for the particular position you desire. The Baking and Pastry Diploma program is taught 100% in English or 100% in Spanish. The Baking and Pastry Diploma program is accredited by the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation’s Accrediting Commission. Program availability varies by campus.

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