Get Started in a Career in Medical Billing and Coding!

career in medical billing and coding

Get Started in a Career in Medical Billing and Coding!

Not so many years ago, one of the only paths to a college diploma was to commit to four years as a full-time student who most likely resided and attended classes on campus. We all take different paths in life; many people find employment right after high school, perhaps hoping one day to go back and earn a college degree. Fortunately, today there isn’t just one way to pursue that education—there are many and if you decide to start a career in medical billing and coding, FTC programs offers programs designed for training future medical billers and coders.

At FTC, we’re excited to offer a growing number of online degree programs, which allow you to take classes and earn a diploma while keeping the job that you have. And FTC understands that you may have a family to care for or other responsibilities in your life, which is why our programs are designed to let you complete coursework at your own pace.

It’s all made even easier by the Canvas learning platform we’ve adopted, providing a remarkably clean user interface that is easy to use and mobile-friendly, so you can get your assignments on your phone while you’re on the go! FTC’s goal is to erase the barriers between you and your career dreams.

One of our online programs, the Medical Billing and Coding Specialist Associate of Science degree, gains you entry into a field that is expected to grow at a rate much faster than the U.S. average in the next decade, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Between the recent and ongoing changes to health care coverage and the aging population, job prospects for trained and certified medical billing and coding specialists will continue to be strong.

An associate’s degree from FTC provides the training you’ll need to seek an entry-level position in the field. How do you know if this associate’s degree program is right for you? We’re looking for applicants who are:

• Interested in the healthcare field and eager to be on the front end of the technological shift in health care management and delivery.

• Detail oriented and willing to learn how to interpret medical records and diagnoses.

• Good at communicating with other medical professionals, such as physicians and finance personnel.

• Ready to launch a career in a fast-growing field that is increasingly vital to the success and stability of health care in America.

If this sounds like the path you should explore, and if you have the time in your life to work toward a degree from the comfort of your home, then don’t make any more excuses. Contact FTC today!

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