Hair Coloring Technique- Balayage

The British are coming!” with their revolutionary Balayage hair coloring technique. So what exactly is Balayage and why should we care? We turned to the hair experts in Florida’s Technical College program of cosmetology to answer our questions.

What is the Balayage hair coloring technique?

The Balayage technique is done by free hand experts and it is meant to create a seamless, natural look. Creating a natural look through multiple shades and tones allowing for less noticeable regrowth with hair sessions costing upwards of $500 many clients seek the Balayage treatment to lower the chemical impacts on their hair and get more bang for their buck.

Who has Balayage hair?

Apparently most celebrities at some point have had Balayage inspired hair. Actress Jennifer Lopez to Salma Hayek have sported the popular style and even reality stars Kylie Jenner and Audrina Patridge. This exemplifies easiness and versatility of this hair style.

Jennifer Lopez hair coloring techniqueSelma Hayek hair coloring technique









Pictures Source: Popsugar online (Balayage Highlights: Ditch the Foils and Go Freestyle)

Why is it so popular?

Other than the A-List popularity, according to the experts at Florida Technical College program of cosmetology this Balayage technique is one of the most low maintenance hairstyles for clients. Although this is very low maintenance, it takes about two hours, several visits and careful overlapping..

What type of hair is best?

Balayage is suitable for many types of hairs. Speaking to FTC artists we were told that it works best with wavy to curly hair. Although it can be done on hair of all types of lengths and textures. As Balayage is usually done to lighter shades it is best for Blonde to Brunette hair. On the other hand, professionals do point out that if done by a true professional any hair color can have the Balayage style.

How is it done?

Balayage is usually done through multiple sets of appointments. Initially the hair needs to be parted into four different sections, down and across the middle. Four or five strands of hair need to be separated from each section of hair. Want to know more? This is just one of the skills you could learn at Florida Technical College program of cosmetology. In Florida Technical College you can learn all the most popular hair coloring techniques from Golden Glow, High-Shine Highlights to Balayage. You could enjoy the power of transforming hair from bland to red carpet.