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4 Traits of a Successful Electrician

Electricians perform a wide variety of tasks on a day to day and job by job basis. When hiring an electrician, it is understandable to be focused on finding someone licensed with the proper training. That is important, but it’s also important to look for certain qualities beyond the technical skills and training required.

Here are four traits of a successful electrician:


1) Intellectual Ability

  • Mathematics
    • A solid understanding of mathematics and in particular algebra when conducting, for example, measurements
  • Reading and Reading Comprehension
    • There will be blueprints, written documents, and memos on every worksite you visit
  • Writing
    • You will need to communicate with many people and if your writing is confusing, it hinders the communication
  • Critical Thinking
    • On every job site, you’ll have data that you need to observe and understand and have the ability to make decisions based upon it


2) Business Understanding

  • Time Management
    • The ability to finish a job on time is a very valuable skill because when a company has a job and makes a request for electricians, managers need to give an estimate of how much labor and cost will be involved
  • Teamwork
    • You will constantly be working with other electricians, other tradesmen, and other business people
  • Customer and Personal Service
    • Every job has a customer who is paying for a service and should be treated fairly and with respect
  • Clerical Abilities
    • A big part of the business is being able to understand simple business systems like knowing word processing, filing, basic accounting, and office procedures


3. Social Skills

  • Communication Skills
    • Workplace communication and being able to specify what tasks have been done and what tasks need to be done is important
  • Active Listening
    • Being silent while others speaking is a big part of being a good communicator
  • Instructing
    • Being able to instruct other electricians will help you, your worksite, and your apprentices
  • Observation Skills
    • Being able to observe others and understand how they will react to situations and requests is an important skill to have on a worksite


4. Ethics

  • Dependability
    • If you are given a job, can you be relied upon to get the job done, get it done right, and get it done on time? Can others depend on you to show up every day, on time, and contribute to the project you’re working on? Can others depend on you?
  • Honesty
    • Be honest and ethical and operate with integrity
  • Endurance
    • Stay focused on doing a job and keep your effort consistent over time
  • Patience and Self-Control
    • On every job site, there can be differences of opinion that occur or people you don’t like. Can you keep your cool, communicate effectively, and keep your mind on the job?
  • Persistence
    • If you can persevere through difficult situations, you’ll be an asset to any team


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